13.1 Airship Escort: Rules, All Regions Schedules, Mission Achievements and Maps

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13.1 Airship Escort: Rules, All Regions Schedules, Mission Achievements and Maps

The Airship Escort battle type is available again in World of Warships. Airships historically carried intelligence agents bearing important messages and diplomats traveling to conduct secret negotiations in neutral territories.

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Airship Escort 13.1 - 12 vs. 12 Tier VIII – X All Ships [UTC]


Your mission is to delay the hostile airship by any possible means while also making sure that your allied airship is the first to reach the destination point. You can also win by destroying all enemy ships. Sail out and seize victory!

The Airship Escort battle type utilizes a 12 vs. 12 format with all ship types.

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During the battle, ships on both sides can affect the speed of the allied or opposing airships by staying within an interactive zone near each one:

  • Airships move at a standard speed if there are no players within their interactive zones.
  • Airships accelerate if only allied ships are within the borders of their interactive zones.
  • Airships slow down if at least one opposing ship is within the borders of their interactive zones.
  • If your team simultaneously speeds up the allied airship and slows down the opposing airship, the allied airship will move even faster.


Shards, Sea of Fortune, Trident, Warrior's Path, Estuary, Hotspot, Islands of Ice, North, and Shatter.

1 / 9
2 / 9
Sea of Fortune
3 / 9
4 / 9
Warrior's Path
5 / 9
6 / 9
7 / 9
Islands of Ice
9 / 9
9 / 9


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Snatched Glory
Win by destroying all opposing ships when the opposing airship is near the very end of its route.
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Held at Bay
Continuously slow down the opposing airship for 1 minute.
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Win by constantly staying close to the allied airship over the last 5 minutes of a battle.
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Photo Finish
Win by bringing your allied airship to the destination point with a slight lead over the opposing airship while also speeding up the allied airship or slowing down the opposing airship at the end of the battle.
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Push Ahead, Hold Them Back
Simultaneously speed up your allied airship and slow down the opposing airship.

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