Michelangelo in 12.11 Season Sestri Ponente Dockyard with Festive Holiday Rewards including Steel, Santa Containers Weekly Combat Missions and much more...

Image of Michelangelo dockyard ship

Michelangelo in 12.11 Season Sestri Ponente Dockyard with Festive Holiday Rewards including Steel, Santa Containers Weekly Combat Missions and much more...

The construction of Michelangelo is commencing at the 12.11 Festive Season Sestri Ponente Dockyard with rewards Santa containers, steel, coal, premium days, weekly combat missions and much more.

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Ship Characteristics

premium cruiser IX Michelangelo is armed with eight 320 mm main battery guns with limited firing angles due to the turrets being positioned in the middle part of the ship. She also has numerous secondary guns armed with SAP shells that can deal decent damage, compensating for her relatively weak main battery guns.
Her torpedo armament is represented by two triple-tube torpedo launchers with wide launching angles. The torpedoes are fast and deal high damage, but their range is short and there are few torpedoes per salvo.
The ship has a large HP pool and solid armor, as well as access to Repair Party to further boost her survivability.
She has average speed for a cruiser in general, but she is slower than other Italian cruisers.
She’s equipped with Exhaust Smoke Generator and Hydroacoustic Search in different slots.

Event Rules

The shipbuilding process at the Dockyard consists of 32 phases; you can advance through 27 of them by completing Dockyard combat missions.

The Dockyard combat missions can be completed during a period that spans Update 12.11 and the first 3 weeks of Update 13.0. The Dockyard will remain available in your Port until the start of Update 13.1.

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You can also advance through shipbuilding phases by spending 1750 resource Doubloons per phase.

You can complete shipbuilding phases by purchasing Starter Packs at a discount: 10 phases in exchange for 10,000 resource Doubloons or five phases in exchange for 6,000 resource Doubloons. These packs will only be available to purchase prior to the point in time when you complete four phases by finishing combat missions.

If you take the speedy route to finishing premium cruiser IX Michelangelo by spending resource Doubloons, you'll still be able to complete the Dockyard combat missions; however, in that case, instead of the usual rewards for completing the phases, you'll receive  STEEL Steel for each one you complete.

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Dockyard Rewards

You can complete 27 out of 32 shipbuilding phases at the Dockyard and obtain valuable rewards by progressing through the Dockyard combat missions only.

List of Rewards

Image of rewards 4

Completing the Ship

To complete the shipbuilding process entirely, you'll need to spend Doubloons to finish any five shipbuilding phases in addition to progressing through all the combat mission groups.

List of Rewards for Construction Phases

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Phase 32: premium cruiser IX Michelangelo clad in the War Paint permanent camouflage, plus a Port slot, Commander with 10 skill points, and commemorative flag.

Combat Missions Week 1

image of Dockyard combat missions

12.11 Michelangelo Sestri Ponente Dockyard
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