12.7: The Return of Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- includes ARP Yamato and ARP Musashi

Image of ARP Yamato

12.7: The Return of Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- includes ARP Yamato and ARP Musashi

Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- is making its return to World of Warships in Update 12.7! The Blue Steel ships and Commanders that you are already familiar with will once again gather to face off against the Fleet of Fog. A new Arpeggio of Blue Steel container that can drop themed ships will also be available!

  • T10 BB ARP Yamato (with Leg-mod) 49,500 resourceDoubloons
  • T8 CA ARP Takao 11,300 resourceDoubloons
  • T8 CA ARP Maya 11,300 resourceDoubloons (not to be confused with T7 IJN CA Maya)
  • T7 CA ARP Ashigara 8,800 resourceDoubloons
  • T7 CA ARP Haguro 8,800 resourceDoubloons
  • T7 CA ARP Myoko 8,800 resourceDoubloons
  • T7 CA ARP Nachi 8,800 resourceDoubloons
  • T5 BB ARP Haruna 5,300 resourceDoubloons
  • T5 BB ARP Kongo 5,300 resourceDoubloons
  • T5 BB ARP Hiei 5,300 resourceDoubloons
  • T5 BB ARP Kirishima 5,300 resourceDoubloons

Each ship comes with a themed commander at 3pts for their ship and a 30-day mission boost. ARP Yamato will include THREE 12-point commanders (Default, Guzo Chihaya, and Iona), a 30-day Boost, and the Legendary Module. There will also be some bundles in the web-based Premium Shop that include multiple ships so do check that out too.

Further, the ARP Musashi Camoflage will be available for purchase by itself for 6,500 resourceDoubloons and comes with a 10-pt ARP Musashi Commander as well as a 30-day Boost for Musashi.

1 / 5
2 / 5
3 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5


Arpeggio of Blue Steel Container Contents

Each Arpeggio of Blue Steel container includes (the percentage indicates the drop chances of each group of items):

14x "Credits +160%" expendable economic bonuses — 14%
14x "Ship XP +800%" expendable economic bonuses — 14%
14x "Commander XP +800%" expendable economic bonuses — 14%
14x "Free XP +2,400%" expendable economic bonuses — 14%
96,000 Elite Commander XP — 16.5%
32,000 Free XP — 16.5%
2,250,000 Credits — 5%

One of the listed ships below — 6%. 

1.5% Chance
flagwarshpicon X ARP Yamato Ship Page

4.5% Chance
flagship icon V ARP Haruna
flagship icon V ARP Hiei
flagship icon V ARP Kirishima
flagship icon V ARP Kongō
flagshipicon VIII ARP Maya
flagshipicon VIII ARP Takao
flagshipicon VII ARP Ashigara
flag shipicon VII ARP Myoko
flag shipicon VII ARP Nachi
flag shipicon VII ARP Haguro
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The ships come with Arpeggio-themed Commanders. If you already have all the items from the Ships group, you will receive 96,000 Elite Commander XP instead.

©Ark Performance /Shonengahosha, Arpeggio partners

Complete the first combat mission in a special chain dedicated to the Arpeggio and World of Warships collaboration to turn the third Update Navigator signal light green.

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