Defence - British Tier X Special Heavy Cruiser 1940


flag shipicon Defence - British Tier X Special Heavy Cruiser 1940

A hypothetical development of "big cruiser" designs created by British shipbuilders in the late 1930s, with the main battery gun caliber increased to 356 mm. The ship was conceived as a response to the strengthening of the Japanese Navy. Her main purpose is to counter enemy heavy cruisers.

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Changes to flagicon cruiser X Defence
  • Main battery firing range increased: 16.8 to 18.3km.
  • Detectability by sea reduced: 14.1 to 12.52km.
  • Air Detectability: 9.5 to 9.24 km
  • Detectability by enemy subs: 0-9.5 to 9.24 km
  • Detectability whilst firing in smoke: 12.6 to 11.24 km
nation flag
HMS Defence Commemorative Flag
The history of the British Royal Navy has known several ships that bore the name HMS Defence. One of them was an armored cruiser that entered service in 1907 and was destroyed in the Battle of Jutland. For a long time, the ship's cropper was considered completely destroyed due to the force of the explosion, but in 1984, it was discovered on the seabed.

Key Features

> Defence is armed with six (6) 356mm main battery guns located on the bow of the ship which deal good damage per salvo.
> Her HE shells have a higher chance to cause fire while the AP shells have improved ricochet angles.
> The main battery guns have a long reload time and their traverse speed is low.
> Defence is also armed with eight torpedo tubes with wide bow launching angles. 
> Her consumables are represented by Repair Party, Hydroacoustic Search, and Short-Burst Smoke Generator in different slots.

Defence Info:

Defence Paint
Ship Name: flagicon cruiser X Defence
Level: 10
Paper ship: Yes
Class: Project Cruiser
WG introduction: June 17, 2023
Status during testing, early access and final: icon cruiser Special Ship
Estimated ship release: 12.8/9
Base Value: resource 34,650
Estimated resource cost when final: resource 34,650coalsteelresearch points?
Nation: flag British
Current development status: Work in Progress

Defence Armor:

defence armor
Hit Points: 60,600 hp
Armour: 16-305 mm
Fires duration: 60 s
Side plating fore/mid/aft: 25/30-32/25 mm
Deck plating fore/mid/aft: 25/40/25 mm
Superstructure: 16 mm
Armor Belt: 30 mm
Citadel Armor Belt: 173-229 mm
Torpedo Bulkhead: 45 mm
Fore Athwartships: 30 mm
Aft Athwartships: 30 mm
Citadel Fore Athwartships: 51-203 mm
Citadel Aft Athwartships: 51-178 mm
Armored Deck Slopes: 127 mm
Citadel Deck: 102 mm
Turret Plating: 102-305 mm
Citadel Bottom: 40 mm
Conning Tower: 229 mm
Tonnage: 27,733
Torpedo Protection, Damage Reduction: 19%

Main Battery Armament:

Main Battery
3x2 356 mm/45 Mk.VII on a Mk.II mount:
Max Range: 18.3 km
Reload: 18.0 s
Minimum Shell Type Switching Time: 28.0 s
180° Turn Time: 36.0 s
Dispersion at Max Range: 189 m
Sigma: 2.05σ

Shell Types

HE Shells 6x 356 mm HE Mk VIb:
Max HE Shell Damage: 6,100
Alpha Piercing HE: 89.0 mm
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Shell Air Drag: 0.3142
Shell Always Ricochet At: 60.0°
Normalization: 8.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Krupp: 1.0
Shell Mass: 721.0 kg
Shell Ricochet At: 91°
Shell Velocity: 757.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 41%
AP Shells: 6x 356 mm AP Mk VIIb:
Max AP Shell Damage: 10,500
Ammo Type: Armor Piercing
Shell Air Drag: 0.3142
Shell Always Ricochet At: 67.5°
Normalization: 6.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.015
Shell Detonator Threshold: 59.0
Shell Krupp: 2295.0
Shell Mass: 721.0 kg
Ricochet: 45.0°
Shell Speed: 757.0 m/s


8x2 133 mm/50 QF Mk.I on a Mk.I mount
Max HE Shell Damage: 1,900
Range: 7.3 km
Reload: 6.7 s
Alpha Piercing HE: 22 mm
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Shell Air Drag: 0.3209
Shell Always Ricochet At: 60.0°
Normalization: 68.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Krupp: 1.0
Shell Mass: 36.3 kg
Shell Ricochet At: 91.0°
Shell Speed: 792.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 8%


2x4 622 mm PR Mk IV/ 622 mm Mk I:
Max Damage: 21,067
Range: 10 km
Reload: 90 s
Speed: 67 kts
180 degree turn time: 15.0 s
Torpedo detectability: 1.7 km
Enemy response time after spotting these torps: 9.76 s

Depth Charge Airstrike:

Maximum bomb damage: 4900
Available flights: 2
Attack aircraft per flight: 1
Aircraft HP: 2000
Range: 8 km
Bombs per payload: 2x 650-lb Bomb Mk VIII
Reload time: 30 s

AA Defence:

Long Range:
8x2 133.0 mm:
Firing range: 5.2 km
Hit Probability: 90 %
Damage by Zone Area AA: 77
Damage Caused by Shell Explosions: 1610
Number of Explosions Per Salvo: 4
Action Zone: 3.5 - 5.2 km
Continuous Damage: 375
Mid Range:
8x6 40.0 mm
6x2 40.0 mm:
Firing range:  3.5 km
Damage by mid-range AA guns:  504
Hit Probability:  90%


Maximum speed: 33.0 knots
Turning circle radius: 770 m
Rudder shift time: 12.7 s
Propulsion: 120,000 hp


Surface Detectability: 12.52 km
Air Detectability: 9.24 km
Detectability by enemy subs: 0-9.24 km
Detectability whilst firing in smoke: 11.24 km


Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Charges: infinite
Action Time: 5 s
Reload Time: 60 s
Slot 2: Repair Party:
Charges: 3
Action time: 28 s
Reload Time: 80s
Regenerated hp per Second: +soon hp/s
Slot 3: Hydroacoustic Search:
Charges:  3
Action time:  100 s
Reload time:  120 s
Detection of Torps:  3.5 km
Detection of Ships:  5.0 km
Slot 4: Short-Burst Smoke Generator:
Charges: 5
Action Time: 15 s
Reload Time: 70 s
Lifetime: 40 s
Radius: 600 m
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.
Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published stated as Released on our WGB website.

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