Clan Battles 21st Season "Cachalot" 11 New Ship Restrictions

Clan Battles 21st Season "Cachalot" 11 New Ship Restrictions

Details about new ship restrictions to be implemented in the 21st Season of Clan Battles.

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Based on WG's analysis of battles and players feedback during the ongoing Clan Season, WG have decided to make changes to 21st seasons ship restrictions.

Additional restrictions have been added:

Teams cannot have more than one ship in total from the following list:

flagpremium cruiser IX Alaska
flagpremium cruiser IX Alaska Black
premium cruiser IX Kronshtadt
flag ship icon VIII Nebraska
flag ship icon IX Delaware
flagpremium cruiser IX Kearsarge
flagpremium cruiser IX Kearsarge Black
 ship icon VIII Vladivostok
premium cruiser VIII Lenin
flagpremium cruiser VIII Massachusetts
flagpremium cruiser VIII Massachusetts Black

The restrictions will come into effect on June 23.

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