12.5 Battle Pass - Summer Tokens, Steel and Much more


12.5 Battle Pass - Summer Tokens, Steel and Much more

Earn BP Points for completing daily and weekly combat missions, advance through the progress bar, and move to new levels. The more Points you earn, the more rewards you'll receive!

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12.5 Battle Pass EU [UTC] Ends

The Battle Pass will remain active throughout Update 12.5 and will be renewed with the release of the next update.

What Are the Differences Between the BP Types?

There are two progress lines in the Battle Pass Free BP and Premium BP. The Free BP is available to all Captains immediately and doesn't need to be purchased. The Premium BP offers additional valuable rewards but needs to be purchased. You can purchase the Premium BP whenever you like.

List of Free BP rewards

  • STEEL 1,200 Steel
  • RESEARCH BUREAU1,200 Research Points
  • coal 12,000 Coal
  • port slot 3x Port slots
  • rare 8x Rare Bonuses containers
  • special 8x Special Bonuses containers
  • common 5x Common Bonuses containers
  •  29x More Signals containers
  • fxp 5,000 Free XP
  • commanderxp 10,000 Elite Commander XP
  •  1,000,000 Credits

The final reward of the Free BP in Update 12.5 is 1,250 summer tokens Summer Tokens and 7x rare Rare Bonuses containers.

The Premium BP offers additional rewards. These include a Commander, Coal, Research Points, Credits, Free and Elite Commander XP, and Steel, as well as economic bonuses.

When you purchase the Premium Pass in Update 12.5, you'll receive all the rewards tied to any levels you've already completed.

List of Premium BP additional rewards

  • 3x unique expendable economic bonuses of each type
  • 11x rare expendable economic bonuses of each type
  • 18x special expendable economic bonuses of each type
  • STEEL 1,500 Steel
  • RESEARCH BUREAU1,500 Research Points
  • coal 22,500 Coal
  • fxp 40,000 Free XP
  • commanderxp 115,000 Elite Commander XP
  •  6,000,000 Credits

The final reward of the Premium BP in Update 12.5 is 3,750 summer tokens Summer Tokens and Commander commander Dusty Rodes with 12 skill points.

The cost of the Premium BP is 2,500 resource Doubloons. Access to the Premium reward chain also unlocks the ability to progress through BP levels in exchange for resource Doubloons. Each level costs 625 resource Doubloons.

Battle Pass Combat Missions

Completing daily and weekly combat missions will reward you with the necessary Battle Pass Points to fill the BP bar:

  • 10 Points for a fully completed daily combat mission chain
  • 80 Points for a fully completed weekly combat mission chain

To collect all BP rewards in Update 12.5, you need to accrue 390 Points.

Post-Progress Rewards

Continue progressing through the BP missions after completing all the levels to earn fixed post-progress rewards.

Rewards of a single post-progress stage for the Free BP

List of rewards (Free BP)

  •  1x More Signals container
  • common 1x Common Bonuses container

Rewards of a single post-progress stage for the Premium BP

List of rewards (Premium BP)

Free BP rewards
  •  1x More Signals
  • common 1x Common Bonuses containers
  • rare 1x Rare Bonuses container
  • summer tokens50x Summer Tokens

Battle Pass progress resets for all players with the release of the next update, and the rewards are also updated.

How to Upgrade Your BP to Receive Bonus Rewards

You can obtain a large Battle Pass pack that grants you the Premium Battle Pass and additional seasonal bonuses during Update 12.5. The large pack also unlocks access to special combat missions that will bring you additional Battle Pass Points.

Seasonal bonuses in Update 12.5:

Missions to earn additional Battle Pass Points* Up to two levels per week
Secondary task for 10 BP levels for one victory +1
Coal, Steel, and Research Points +5%
Daily bonuses to all types of XP for the first victory +100%

*Missions that provide additional BP Points are activated once per week, but they remain available until the release of the following update.

The bonuses will remain active throughout the entire BP, meaning that it's most profitable to purchase bonuses on the first day of the update.

The cost of a large pack for those who only have access to the Free BP is 6,250 resource Doubloons; for those with the Premium BP, the cost is 3,750 resource Doubloons.


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