Changes to Asymmetric Battles in Update 12.5

Asymmetric battles.

Changes to Asymmetric Battles in Update 12.5

As expected, WG will be making changes to Asymmetric battles.


After analysing the performance of Asymmetric battles during its first week on the live server, WG have observed that the Credits and XP earnings for battleships are higher than expected. 

In order to address the situation, WG will apply the following changes to Asymmetric Battles and add special combat missions for all classes except battleships:

  • Base Credits earnings reduced by 25%
  • Base XP earnings reduced by 15%
  • Combat missions for all ship types except battleships will give a 40% and 50% bonuses to the Credits and all types of XP, respectively.

WG stated they understand that battleships may have high performance both economically and in terms of gameplay, their currently high popularity causes an increase to the average time spent in the queue. Therefore, WG have said they would like to increase other ship types' popularity as well.

The changes will be applied on Thursday, June 29th. 


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  1. Maybe they should make it possible to not get instadeleted unless you play bb then

  2. Will they reduce the number of enemy battleships? It's sometimes difficult to win with 3 battleships, let alone encourage us to use fewer!

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