12.5 Asymmetric Battles - Rules, Restrictions, Rewards, Time and Dates.


12.5 Asymmetric Battles - Rules, Restrictions, Rewards, Time and Dates.

Asymmetric Battles will return in Update 12.5. This battle type is inspired by historical battles that typically involved an unequal number of ships on each side.

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In this new instalment of Asymmetric Battles, players will face a team of bots that outnumbers them in ships but falls short in terms of firepower.

Rules and Format

Asymmetric Battles 12.5 [UTC] Ends

Asymmetric Battles are only available during the Prime-Time period each day. This will speed up the process of assembling teams for battle.

Team: Players

  • Tiers: IX and X
  • Number of ships: 5


  • No more than one aircraft carrier and one submarine
  • No more than three battleships, three cruisers, and three destroyers

Team: Bots

  • Tiers: VII and VIII
  • Number of ships: 12


  • No more than one aircraft carrier and one submarine
  • Between four to five battleships and cruisers each
  • Between two to three destroyers
  • Asymmetric Battles are available to players who have Tier IX and/or Tier X ships in their Port. Divisions aren't allowed.
  • Bots will have improved AI for Asymmetric Battles. They will take up more advantageous positions, rush into close combat less often, and distribute themselves more effectively around Key Areas.
  • Asymmetric Battles offer higher rewards in terms of XP and Credits compared to Co-op Battles; however, they're not as lucrative as Random Battles in this regard.
  • Due to the specifics of Asymmetric Battles, players won't be able to earn achievements in this battle type.

Game Maps and Modes

  • North, Hotspot, Islands of Ice, and Trident in the Domination mode with three Key Areas, and in the Standard Battle mode
  • Trap and Shards in the Domination mode with three Key Areas

Combat Missions and Rewards

Players will have access to special weekly and daily combat missions that can only be completed in Asymmetric Battles. Players will be rewarded with  Community Tokens for winning battles and earning Base XP.

Daily Missions

  • Win one Asymmetric Battle.
    Reward: 30  Community Tokens

Weekly Missions

  • Earn 5,000 Base XP in Asymmetric Battles.
    Reward: 350  Community Tokens
  • Earn 15,000 Base XP in Asymmetric Battles.
    Reward:400  Community Tokens
  • Earn 50,000 Base XP in Asymmetric Battles.
    Reward: 550  Community Tokens

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