STAR Edinburgh - British Tier VIII Cruiser 1939


flag STAR Edinburgh - British Tier VIII Cruiser 1939 (Bounty Hunt Event - How to Obtain)

A ship captured by a space crystal. To communicate with people, the celestial body uses Triangulum, its humanoid incarnation. Over time, the crystal's behaviour becomes more unpredictable, and its avatar grows aware of its individuality and tries to break the connection with it.
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STAR Edinburgh Info

Ship Name: flag VIII STAR Edinburgh
Level: 8
Paper ship: Yes
Class:  Town-class light cruiser
WG introduction: February 10, 2023
Status when final:  Premium Ship
Ship release: 12.2 - Re-Release 13.0
Base Value: resource 11,000 doubloons
Nation: flag British
Current development status: Released

How to Obtain

Possible Random Bundles Contents
star ship

1x flagshipicon IX STAR Kitakaze + Nubes Purpura Permaflage + Commander with 3 points.
star ship

1x 10-point STAR Kitakaze Commander Andromeda + Voiceover, can be used as commander for any Japanese ship.
star ship

1x flag VIII STAR Edinburgh + Adamas Viridis Permaflage + Commander with 3 points.
star ship

1x 10-point STAR Edinburgh Commander Triangulum + Voiceover, can be used as commander for any British ship.
star ship
24x Zero Gravity Bundles
2x Blue EB Free XP+2400% Rare Free XP
5x Green EB Free XP+600% Special Free XP
elite commander xp 21,600 Elite Commander XP
star ship
24x Stardust Bundles
2x Blue EB Free XP+160% Rare Credits
5x Green EB Free XP+40% Special Credits
freexp 7,200 Free XP
star ship
24x Dark Matter Bundles
2x Blue EB Ship XP+800% Rare Ship XP
5x Green EB Ship XP+200% Special Ship XP
Coal 2,880 Coal
star ship
24x Solar Wind Bundles
2x Blue EB Commander XP+800% Rare Commander XP
5x Green EB Commander XP+200% Special Commander XP
Credits 432,000 Credits

If you buy all 100 bundles, the cost will be resource51,000 doubloons (20% discount) for all of the items listed above.
Bundle Price: resource600 doubloons each as single purchases, discount prices below
  • 1-9 Bundles = resource600 doubloons = (0%)
  • 10-24 Bundles = resource570 doubloons = (5%)
  • 25-49 Bundles = resource540 doubloons = (10%)
  • 50-100 Bundles = resource510 doubloons = (15%)
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Hit Points: 36,400
Overall: 16-152 mm
Deck: 16/19-51/16 mm
Plating: 19-114 mm
Fore Athwartships: 19 mm
Aft Athwartships: 19 mm
Citadel Fore Athwartships: 63 mm
Citadel Aft Athwartships: 63 mm
Armor Belt: 114 mm
Torpedo Bulkhead: 25 mm
Citadel Deck: 6-76 mm
Superstructure: 13 mm
Citadel Bottom: 25 mm
Turrets: 51-102 mm
Tonnage: 13,720 t

Main Battery Armament

4x3 152 mm/50 BL Mk.XXIII on a Mk.XXIII mount:
Max Range: 15.4 km
Reload: 7.5 s
180° Turn Time: 25.7 s
Dispersion at Max Range: 139 m
Sigma: 2.00σ

Shell Types:

AP Shells: 12x 152 mm AP 6crh Mk IV:
Max AP Shell Damage: 3100
Ammo Type: Armor Piercing
Shell Air Drag: 0.3297
Shell Always Ricochet At: 75.0°
Normalization: 8.5°
Shell Detonator: 0.005
Shell Detonator Threshold: 12.0
Shell Krupp: 2609.0
Shell Mass: 50.8 kg
Ricochet: 60.0°
Shell Speed: 841.0 m/s

Secondary Armament

6 x 2 102 mm HE 35 lb:
Range: 6.6 km
Reload: 3.0 s
Alpha Damage: 1500
Alpha Piercing HE: 17.0 mm
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Shell Air Drag: 0.33
Shell Always Ricochet At: 60.0°
Normalization: 68.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Diameter: 100 mm
Shell Krupp: 3.0
Shell Mass: 15.88 kg
Shell Ricochet At: 91.0°
Shell Velocity: 811.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 6%

Depth Charges

Maximum damage: 5000
Charges: 2
Bombs per charge: 3
Reload time: 40 s
Chance of fire: 20%


2x3 533 mm TR Mk IV/533 mm Mk IX**:
Max Damage: 15,533
Range: 10.0 km
Reload: 72 s
Speed: 62 kts
180 degree turn time: 7.2 s
Torpedo detectability: 1.3 km
Enemy response time after spotting these torps: 8.06 s

Anti Aircraft Defence

Long Range:
6x2 102 mm/45 QF Mk.XVI on a Mk.XIX mount:
Action Zone: 3.5-5.8 km
Hit Probability: 90 %
Damage Within an Explosion: 1330
Damage by Zone Area AA: 116
Continuous Damage: 221
Number of Explosions Per Salvo: 5
Mid Range:
3x6 40 mm/56 OQF Mk.IX on a Mk.VI mount:
Firing range: 3.5 km
Hit Probability: 90 %
Damage by Zone Area AA: 112
Short Range:
14x2 20 mm Oerlikon Mk.II on a Mk.V mount:
Firing range: 2.0 km
Hit Probability: 85 %
Damage by Zone Area AA: 189


Maximum speed: 33.0 knots
Turning circle radius: 730 m
Rudder shift time: 9.6 s
Propulsion: 80,000 hp


Surface Detectability: 11.4 km
Air Detectability: 7.2 km
Detectability by enemy subs: 0-7.2 km
Detectability whilst firing in smoke: 5.5 km

Available Consumables

Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Work Time: 5 s
Reload Time: 60 s
Slot 2: Specialized Repair Teams:
Charges: 3
Action time: 20 s
Reload time: 80 s
Regeneration per second: +728 hp/s
Slot 3: Hydroacoustic Search:
Charges: 3
Action Time: 100 s
Reload Time: 120 s
Submarine Spotting Range at Max Depth: 2.0 km
Torpedo Detection Range: 3.5 km
Ship Detection Range: 5.0 km
Slot 4: Smoke Generator:
Charges: 3
Action Time: 20 s
Reload Time: 160 s
Lifetime: 120 s
Radius: 600 m
Slot 4: Spotting Aircraft:
Charges: 4
Action time: 100 s
Reload time: 240 s
Detection radius: +20%
Slot 4: Fighter:
Charges: 3
Action time: 60 s
Reload time: 90 s
Radius: 3 km
Slot 4: Surveillance Radar:
Charges: 3
Action time: 20 s
Reload time: 120 s
Ship detection radius: 12 km
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