Brawls in Update 0.11.3 Round 2 - 9 vs. 9 Playing Tier X ships - Rules - Times and Dates - All Regions


Brawls in Update 0.11.3 Round 2 - 9 vs. 9 Playing Tier X ships - Rules - Times and Dates - All Regions

The new Brawl in World of Warships sees Tier X ships fighting in a 9 vs. 9 format. Don't miss this opportunity to fight for Credits, Coal, and Elite Commander XP!
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What changes were made for Brawls Round 2?
Because of the high popularity of battleships during the first Brawl, many players faced long waiting times and unbalanced team compositions. Therefore, WG have increased the maximum number of battleships per team from 2 to 4 for the second Brawl.
This change will not only decrease the waiting time in the queue before entering battle, but also allow the matchmaker to assemble more balanced teams based on players' results in Brawls.
In addition, by reducing the limitations of the matchmaker, a team playing in a division will always face either another division or a team consisting of stronger players. This change will reduce the excessive efficiency of divisions in Brawls and increase the percentage of wins against them for most players.
Brawls are a separate battle type with short seasons and a smaller team format—you can expect the battles to be more dynamic and fast-paced compared to other battle types! Players are matched based on their skill level. You can participate in a Division, and you don't need to be a member of a Clan. Team up with friends to win more battles!
Starting from Update 0.11.3, WG are discontinuing the use of consecutive numbering for Brawls and are going to simply link them to the current update version of the game.


Up to 10,000 COALCoal; 2,250,000  Credits; 80,000  Elite Commander XP; and 72  Combat and economic signals.



Brawls in Update 0.11.3 Round 2 [UTC]
Brawls in Update 0.11.3 Round 2 [UTC] Ends
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Format: 9 vs. 9 playing Tier X ships.
Restrictions: Aircraft carriers are not allowed; no more than four battleships, four destroyers, and six cruisers per team.
You can take part in the Brawl only during the time period specified for your server.

Game Maps and Modes

North, Land of Fire, Shards, Warrior's Path, and Crash Zone Alpha in Domination mode.

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