Bonus Code Gives you 1 x Always Courageous Container and 2 x Camos - All Regions

Bonus Code Gives you 1 x Always Courageous Container and 2 x Camos - All Regions 

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>>  OGH2311BF  <<


This code can be used on all regions

Always Courageous collection:

Complete the Always Courageous collection to obtain Tier V battleship Oklahoma in the Military permanent camouflage, as well as a Commander with 6 skill points and a Port slot.

The collection is dedicated to the U.S. Navy during a time period that spans both world wars. It reveals details about famous naval commanders and the main battery guns of battleships, as well as sailors' awards and their uniforms. The collection elements can only be obtained from Always Courageous containers.

Each Always Courageous container includes:
  • An element of the same-name collection
  • 12x signals of the same type (Zulu, Equal Speed Charlie London, Papa Papa, or Zulu Hotel); or 2,500 Free XP; or 6,000 Elite Commander XP
  • 1x Stars 'n' Stripes camouflage

Bonuses of the Stars 'n' Stripes camouflage:
  • −3% to the ship's detectability range by sea
  • +4% to the dispersion of shells fired by enemies at your ship
  • +125% XP per battle
  • +100% Free XP per battle
  • +75% Commander XP per battle

Bonuses of the signals:
  • Equal Speed Charlie London: +50% XP per battle
  • Papa Papa: +300% Free XP per battle
  • Zulu: +20% Credits per battle
  • Zulu Hotel: +50% Commander XP per battle
Elite Commander XP can be used for training Commanders who have not yet reached their 21st skill point, for accelerated retraining of Commanders for other ships, and for redistributing Commander skill points.
I have no idea when this code ends.

😃Thank you for your comment, it will be added asap.✅

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