0.10.7 USS Missouri Returns and can be Purchased with Doubloons (Read Important info)


0.10.7  IX USS Missouri Returns and can be Purchased with doubloonsDoubloons

Update 0.10.7 features an event that's dedicated to the end of World War II. During the event, IX Missouri will become available for purchase in exchange for Doubloons.

In the forthcoming update, IX Missouri's base economic capabilities will be brought into line with other Tier IX Premium ships. Players who already own the ship at the moment Update 0.10.7 goes live will, on average, earn the same number of Credits as before, a permanent combat mission that applies an economic bonus to all battles will maintain the ship’s economic value for everyone who owned Missouri prior to this change.
> Layman's Terms: If you own/ed Missouri before 0.10.7, the boosted economics will stay as they have always been.{alertInfo}

IX Missouri was our first experience in creating a Tier IX Premium ship, and during her adjustment, the ship received excessively high Credit profitability compared to other Premium Tier IX ships. The existence of a large number of ships with such high profitability negatively affects the game economy.
Furthermore, it was often not the ship’s specifications and gameplay, but her excessive profitability that became the determining factor for players deciding which ship to take into battle. This resulted in some Captains playing IX Missouri more often than they planned.
At the same time, IX Missouri is one of the most famous historical ships, and we would like more players to have the opportunity to add the ship to their collections.

Missouri header image from DevianArt

Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published stated as FINAL on our WGB website.{alertError}

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