World of Warships Update 0.10.5 Start Time and Dates for RU - NA - Asia - EU


World of Warships Update 0.10.5 Start Time and Dates for RU - NA - Asia - EU

We often wonder when the next update, PTS or random mode starts or ends, and look everywhere to try some hint of when this is, and that's why I created this page, it's not official and WG hold no responsibility for any wrong dates or times, but 99% of the dates & times provided here are correct.

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RU UPDATE 0.10.5 & NA UPDATE 0.10.5 [UTC]
RU Flag RU Update 0.10.5 Starts USA Flag NA Update 0.10.5 Starts
All regions, the update period takes 3 hours from the start time shown on each region, to finish.{alertInfo}
ASIA UPDATE 0.10.5 & EU UPDATE 0.10.5 [UTC]
ASIA Flag ASIA Update 0.10.5 Starts UK Flag EU Update 0.10.5 StartS

Real name Joe, The Joby part is from my surname. I was accepted as a CC for WoWs in March 2019, I enjoy giving stuff away, so it's all worthwhile. I have been playing WoWs since Sept 2015, mostly in the evenings with my kid brother, and TBH, we have some great times. I try to help others to learn the game from start, also try to give advice on recruiting new players so they can get some good rewards, for the recruiter and the new player. I hope you enjoy my blog, if so, then I am a happy man.

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