Statement From World of Warships Regarding Godzilla Vs. Kong - Refunds - Fix - Answers

Statement From World of Warships Regarding Godzilla Vs. Kong - Refunds - Fix - Answers


A great battle between Godzilla and Kong has just begun in World of Warships, and we wanted to address the most frequent questions about the addition of the two Titans to the game.

Why do Godzilla and Kong's unique voiceovers sound simultaneously with the standard voice commands?
We strive for voiceovers to not only to be interesting and of high quality, but also informative. To this end, we created a new type of sound playback which combines the clarity of standard notifications and the unique roars of these specific characters. We understand that this might not have been clear from the descriptions in the article and shop bundles, so we will update these texts in a week or less.

The unique Titan voiceovers are rather quiet —will this be fixed?
Yes, in one of the nearest game updates, we will be amplifying the unique sound effects for both Godzilla and Kong so that they stand out more.

And what If I'm not happy with this new type of dual voiceover?
*You may request a refund for purchased bundles which resulted in obtaining a commander — even if you’ve played more than one battle with them — until the time and date below{alertWarning}

*Godzilla - Kong Refund [UTC]
 *Godzilla - Kong Refund Ends

Why do Godzilla and Kong not appear on my ship's deck in battle?
This decision has two main reasons:

  1. The two Titans are truly legendary creatures — having them sink to the bottom of the sea because of an unlucky battle would hardly be a dignified fate for them
  2. Models of their size would have a significant impact on estimating which ship parts are being hit by their opponents' shells. Even in comparison to other camouflages with non-standard geometry, the massive Titans would have a much bigger effect on aiming at the ship.

Thank you for your attention and we apologize for any confusion. We will do our best to avoid such situations in future.

-The World of Warships team.

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