Dante Alighieri Tier IV Italian Battleship 1913


Changes: April 1st, 2021
* Sigma parameter reduced from 1.6 to 1.5.

warshipDante AlighieriDante Alighieri Tier IV Italian Battleship 1913

The first Italian dreadnought battleship. She had good speed for her ship type, as well as unique positioning of her main battery guns.

ship details
Ship NameDante AlighieriTierIV (4)
Class;Battleship (BB)Typeship-iconResearchable Ship
Ship Release
Update ~0.10.1
Resource Costxp 6,700 credits 765,000
NationflagItalyCurrent StatusCurrent Status - Released as Early Access with Italian Tokens and Prime Gaming.
SurvivabilityHit Points36,000 hp
ArmourOverall13~280 mm
Armor Belt250 mm
Athwartships Fore120 mm
Athwartships Aft120 mm
Citadel Athwartships Fore25 mm
Citadel Athwartships Aft25 mm
Citadel Torpedo Bulkhead25 mm
Citadel Armoured Deck Slopes50 mm
Citadel Deck30 mm
Citadel Bottom30 mm
Turret Plating150~250 mm
Torpedo Damage Protection32%
Tonnage21,800 tn
main battery
HullCalibreTurrets x BarrelsMax RangeReload180° Turn TimeDispersionSigma
305 mm/46 Vickers-Terni Model 1909
4 x 3
14.6 km
33 s
60 s
209 m
shell types
SAP12 x 305 mm proiettili CS 1909:AP12 x 305 mm proiettili AP 1909:
Alpha Damage7,850Alpha Damage8,100
Alpha Piercing CS79.2 mm

Shell Velocity850. m/sShell Velocity840 m/s
Air Drag0.4117Air Drag0.355
Mass406.0 kgMass390.0 kg
Detonator Threshold25 mmDetonator Threshold51.0 mm
Fusetime0.03 sFusetime0.01 s
Always Ricochet at80.0°Always Ricochet at60.0°
Start Ricochet70.0°Start Ricochet45.0°
20 x 120 mm/50 Ansaldo 1909
Range4.0 km
Alpha Damage1,700
Chance of Fire6%
Reload5.0 s
Alpha Piercing HE20 mm
Shell Velocity840 m/s
Shell Mass22.75 kg
aa defence
RangeCalibreTurrets/GunsN° of EXPDamage per SecondHit ProbabilityAction Radius
Within EXP RadiusContinuous

76.2 mm/40 Ansaldo 1917
4 x 1
0.1-3.0 km
40 mm/39 QF MKII
8 x 1


mobility & visbility
Maximum Speed23.0 ktsSurface Detectability12.4 km
Turning Circle Radius580 mAir Detectability8.8 km
Rudder Shift Time11.5 sFiring in Smoke Detectability9.5 km
Propulsion32,000 hp  
Slot 1Slot 2
Damage Control PartyRepair Party
Work Time15 sCharges4
Reload Time80 sAction Time28 s
  Reload Time80 s
  HP per Second+180 hp/s


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