Update 0.10.1 Early Access Italian Battleships


Update 0.10.1 Early Access Italian Battleships

Italian Battleships: Part 1Clan Battles: GreeceRanked Battles: The Second SeasonUpdated BrawlsArmoryVisual and Technical EnhancementsOther Changes

RU  0.10.1 & NA 0.10.1 UPDATE
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ASIA 0.10.1 & EU 0.10.1 UPDATE
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Italian Battleships: Part 1

Update 0.10.1 kicks off an event that places the new Italian Tier IV–IX battleships right in the spotlight!


Features of the Ship Branch

  • Semi-armor-piercing shells instead of HE shells. These shells deal significant damage to weakly and moderately protected targets and ship parts, but do not cause fires.
  • A large number of guns but with relatively short firing ranges and not the greatest accuracy.
  • Decent manoeuvrability and armor protection.
  • Tier VIII–X ships have the Exhaust Smoke Generator consumable, which allows them to hide from the enemy without having to reduce their speed. Shooting from within the smoke screen isn't recommended while retreating, because battleships still have high detectability when using their main battery guns in this situation.

Early Access

Combat mission group rewards: a new temporary resource—Italian Tokens, Roman permanent camouflage for VI Andrea Doria, and special signals. Final reward for completing the last combat mission group: VII Francesco Caracciolo, a Commander with six skill points, and a Port slot.

Italian Tokens can also be obtained by completing special chains of combat missions; from random bundles available for Doubloons, free random bundles, and bundles that are available in exchange for Recruitment Points in the Armory; and by completing combat missions that can be activated by watching official World of Warships streams.

Rewards for Italian Tokens: sequentially opened bundles with  IV Dante Alighieri, V Conte di Cavour, VI Andrea Doria, VIII Vittorio Veneto; the Roman permanent camouflage for VII Francesco Caracciolo; Legion permanent camouflages for VIII Vittorio Veneto, IX Lepanto, and X Cristoforo Colombo; and other rewards.

The number of Tokens that can be earned by completing combat mission groups will be enough to obtain Italian Tier IV–VI battleships and the Roman permanent camouflage for the Tier VII battleship.

Rewards from random bundles available for Doubloons: IX Lepanto plus a Commander with 10 skill points and a Port slot, Italian Tokens, Regia Marina expendable camouflages, and other rewards.

Free Bundles

The Armory is offering free random bundles—Daily Gifts. Inside, you can find Italian Tokens, Warships Premium Account, Doubloons, and other rewards.

The bundles are available until: Mon. 08 Mar. 05:00 UTC 

You can obtain only one bundle per day. A total of 12 bundles will be available, so you can skip 6 days and still be able to collect all the rewards.

The Taranto Port has been updated.

Clan Battles: Greece

Starts: Wed. 24 Feb. 11:30 UTC
Ends: Mon. 12 Apr. 04:30 UTC


Tier IX ships in a 7 vs. 7 format.


Up to two battleships per team.


Up to 11,000 Steel and other rewards.

No more than two mercenaries per Division.

The new season has a small, but very important change—we've added a system that allows ship limits to be set. We're working on making sure that each battle and game mode offers diverse and interesting gameplay. This change allows us to make the team compositions more varied and the battles more diverse.

The restrictions can be set for the entire duration of a season or for specific periods of time. For example, they could be set after the first 2 weeks of a season, then replaced with different restrictions a few weeks later. This allows us to promptly react to the current state of the season.

Possible restrictions

  • Limit on the number of the same ships. For instance, a Division will not be able to join a battle if two or more of the same ships are selected.
  • Limit on the number of specific ships. For example, a Division can have only one IX Ibuki, IX Yūgumo, and IX Black.
  • Restriction that makes certain ships ineligible for battle. For example, one cannot join the battle playing IX Kronshtadt or IX Kitakaze.

Restrictions on the number of certain ships and banned ships are displayed in the Division window and in the tooltip in the window above the ship carousel when the "Clan Battle" battle type is selected.

Full details of the season will be revealed in a dedicated article nearer the start of the season.

Ranked Battles: The Second Season


The rewards for each league will be refreshed and available again at the start of each new Sprint.

Reaching Rank 1 will reward you with Bronze League, Silver League, and Gold League containers.

A commemorative flag is awarded for achieving Rank 1 in the Bronze League.

new-flagRegia Marina Grand Admiral and Commander
A commemorative flag granted for achieving Rank 1 in the Bronze League of Season 2 of Ranked Battles.
The commanders of the Regia Marina were the Regia Marina's chiefs of staff, while the highest rank attainable in the navy was that of the grand admiral. If the position of the chief commander was assumed by the grand admiral, his flag depicting four five-pointed yellow stars had a yellow rectangle border on it.

Bonus Combat Mission

A special combat mission will become available at the start of the season: earn 1,500 base XP in Ranked Battles to receive two Gift containers**When opened, each Gift container will drop five special signal flags of one type.
The mission will be available until: Thu. 13 May 02:00 (UTC)

Key Features of the New System

In case you haven't familiarized yourself with the new Ranked Battles system yet, we would like to inform you about its basic principles:
  • Each season is divided into several Sprints. The duration of a single Sprint is approximately 1–3 weeks, and this may differ from season to season.
  • There are three leagues in each season: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  • In order to enter the next league, you need to reach Rank 1 in your current league and then qualify.
    • If you don't manage to qualify for the next league, you'll start the new Sprint in your current league at the lowest rank of this league. All the rewards will be available to collect again.
    • If you qualify for the next league, you'll start the new Sprint in that next league with the lowest rank of that league.
  • During a single Sprint, players can only progress through their current league and qualify for the next one.
  • Rewards are granted for achieving victories, reaching Rank 1, and qualifying.
  • Ranked Battles aren't available during low activity periods. This is necessary to ensure high-quality matchmaking.


  ASIA 01:00 - 18:00 UTC (09:00 to 02:00 ASIA)
  CIS    06:00 - 23:00 UTC (09:00 - 02:00 MCK)
  EU     08:00 - 01:00 UTC
  NA    16:00 - 09:00 UTC (11:00 - 04:00 EST)


    7 vs. 7
    • Tiers VIII–IX in the Bronze League
    • Tiers IX–X in the Silver League
    • Tier X in the Gold League

      Game Maps and Modes

      MapLeaguesBattle Tiers
      TridentBronze, Silver8–9
      NeighborsBronze, Silver8–9
      Sleeping GiantBronze, Silver8–9
      HotspotBronze, Silver8–9
      Islands of IceSilver, Gold9–10
      GreeceSilver, Gold9–10
      Crash Zone AlphaSilver, Gold9–10
      Northern WatersSilver, Gold9–10
      LoopSilver, Gold10
      Northern LightsSilver, Gold10
      Sea of FortuneSilver, Gold10
      Mountain RangeSilver, Gold10

      Battles will be fought in Domination mode on all maps.

      Season structure

      Six Sprints, each lasting 2 weeks. Each new Sprint starts immediately after the end of the previous one.


        Added unique Dasha Perova Commanders for Italian and European ships.

        Added the "Made of Steel" permanent camouflage, which can be mounted on all Tier X ships, except for X ARP Yamato. The "Made of Steel" permanent camouflages for X Yamato, X Shimakaze, and X Des Moines will automatically be replaced by the new camouflage.



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