Sub_Octavian Q&A Timestamp Podcast with The New Guys. Delete a Ship from the Game "I Would Sink the Khabarovsk"

Sub_Octavian Q&A Podcast with The New Guys

The Executive Producer of World of Warships, Sub_Octavian, joins Boggzy and Synpax for a very extraordinary Q&A podcast.
The podcast and interview is produced in a very professional manner, it's funny, honest, and jaw-dropping on one segment, and well worth listening too.
Well done guys! and thank-you for permission to publish this podcast. 👊😎
The Full Podcast


1:59 Start of Q&A, Sub_Octavian who are you, and how did you get to be Executive producer for World of Warships?

11:52 Sub_Octavian talks about Regional/Cultural compatibility, and Customer support.

28:49 Sub_Octavian talks about the cause of player negativity about the game and the possible reasons why.

39:33 Sub_Octavian talks about Constructive criticism

43:34 Sub_Octavian talks about upcoming devblogs and changes to Submarines, CA and BB anti-submarine warfare

45:49 Sub_Octavian talks about NTC and why it was abandoned.

53:48 Fun segment: "Sink a ship" What ship would Sub_Octavian delete from the game? "Gobsmacking answer and reason from Sub_O".

55:06 Sub_Octavian talks about collaborations and marketing, ie Transformers, Anime, Russian sausages, etc.

1:05:05 Sub_Octavian talks about player tests on Submarines. Test CV's rework in terms of spotting DD's.

1:17:49 Sub_Octavian talks about CV's in Clan battles and the need for changes.

1:27:38 Sub_Octavian talks about World of Warships and E-Sport.

1:46:23 Sub_Octavian talks about anti-cheat and cheating consquences.

1:54:07 Sub_Octavian talks about the future of World of Warships in the next 3 years.

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