Free German Naval Container All Regions

Free GERCV Container All Regions

Update 0.9.7 welcomes the “German Navy” collection.
This provides an excellent opportunity to refresh your memory about the available in-game collections and why it’s worthwhile to complete them.


Build the collection to learn about the history of the German Navy during the first half of the 20th century—ships and aircraft; personalities and emblems; awards and uniforms. Having completed the entire collection, you'll have learned about the German carrier-based aircraft projects; the story of Karl von M├╝ller, the commanding officer of cruiser Emden; the specifics of the House Order of Hohenzollern; and much more! The collection comprises six sections with six elements in each:
  • Aircraft
  • Ship Emblems
  • Military Decorations of Germany
  • Personalities
  • Ships
  • The German Navy
During Update 0.9.7, containers with elements of the collection can be obtained in the following ways:
  • Up to 10 containers—by completing Directives.
  • Up to two containers—from Daily Shipments.
  • Up to five containers—by completing special combat missions from the official World of Warships streams.
  • Up to six containers—by completing a special chain of combat missions playing Pommern. Two of these missions can also be completed playing Erich Loewenhardt.

Click the your regional button below, once on the portal, click "Claim Container"

You can continue gathering elements of the collection from daily containers by activating a subscription in the Collections tab of the Profile section of the port.
The exchange rate for duplicate elements is 4:1. After you complete the collection, any duplicates will automatically be exchanged for 15,000 credits each.
Join the hunt for new collection items, complete the existing collections, and claim valuable rewards!


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