Replays and Snapshots Keybinds Guide


Replays and Snapshots Keybinds Guide

General Control Keybinds
Hide/show interfaceCtrl + J
Playback Control
Play at x1 speedHome
Increase playback speedInsert
Decrease playback speedDel/Delete
Fast Foward>
Fast Rewind<
Fast Foward x 2Ctrl + >
Fast Rewind x 2Ctrl + <
Camera Control
Link/Unlink cameraLMB
Free camera mode (it may still be needed to unlink camera by pressing LMB)Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Move camera in parallel to water←, →, ↑, ↓
Move camera upNum9
Move camera downNum7
Zoom in/Zoom outMouse Wheel
Link to the ship in front of camera in free camera mode (hard link, includes rotating with the ship)B
Link to the position of the ship in front of the cameraCtrl + B
Switching different free camera modes1 - 9
Switching additional free camera modesShift + 1 - 9
Rotating cameraNum4, Num6
Camera anglingNum2, Num8
Move camera to the point of interestNum1
Move camera away from the point of interestNum3
Increase/decrease camera movement speedNum+ / Num-
Increase/decrease camera movement acceleration/decelerationShift + (Num+/ Num-)
Increase/decrease the radius of the free camera sphere (the sphere around the real camera position. The real position becomes a point of interest)Shift + Mouse wheel
Snapshots Control
Save a SnapshotF5
Load the closest snapshot before the current momentF6
Load the closest snapshot after the current momentF7
Load the latest saved snapshotF8
This function allows you to save a timestamp and camera position which will allow you to restore them at will. All Snapshots data is stored in XML file, which is created in the same folder as a replay and has suffix _params in the <Snapshots> block. XML file will appear only if there is any data it should store. In the case with Snapshots, it will appear after the first Snapshot is created. XML file is tied to the replay and may be freely transferred with the replay file to other people, who then can use Snapshots.

Creating and Loading:
Snapshot is created by pressing F5. This saves the timestamp of the replay, camera position and other parameters and creates a record in file in the Snapshots section. Switching between Snapshots happens in the following way:
  • F6: try to switch to the Snapshot closest from the left on the time scale (earlier than now), if such Snapshot exists.
  • F7: try to switch to the Snapshot closest from the right on the time scale (later than now), if such Snapshot exists.
  • F8: try to switch to the most recently created Snapshot
To delete Snapshots, you must edit XML file and delete the Snapshot records. Snapshots are existing and loaded on the replay-by-replay basis. So, the controls switch to the Snapshots of the exact replay.

Loaded Parameters:
When Snapshots are used, the following parameters are restored:
  • Camera position
  • Camera FOV (or camera zoom)
  • Replay time
Also, the replay is paused after loading the Snapshot.


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