0.9.7 Changes and Additions to Unique Upgrades (UU)


Changes and Additions to Unique Upgrades

WG continue to work on Unique Upgrades (UU) and now we're ready to share some changes to the existing UUs and some new ones.


Updating Current Upgrades:

X Z-52 Slot 5
 Torpedo Fire Control System
 -5% to the ship's detectability
 -15% to torpedo tubes reload time
 -10% to torpedoes detectability
Reinforces the ship's torpedo armament capabilities owing to the higher rate of torpedo attacks.
The UU will strengthen Z-52 as a torpedo boat, while lowering her efficiency on key areas due to a smaller bonus to detectability in comparison to the standard concealment upgrade.

Grozovoi Slot 6
-18% main battery reload time
-7% main battery traverse speed
Changed: +10% => +20% torpedo tubes reload time
The UU offers artillery-focused gameplay. The upgrade was too effective, and the penalty to the main battery traverse speed had no significant impact because of the ship's already good base value, thus her torpedo tubes reload time penalty was increased.

X Moskva Slot 6
Changed: -11% => -7% maximum dispersion of main battery shells
+8% main battery firing range
Changed: -13% => -20% main battery traverse speed
The change to the UU offers a clear choice between upgrades for damage per minute, for range increase, and for accuracy

X Minotaur Slot 6
+150% action time of the "Smoke generator" consumable
Removed: +10% dispersion shells fired by enemies attacking your ship
-5% to the ship's detectability
-15% smoke screen dispersion time
Added: Minus -10% to the reload time for all consumables
The UU allows the ship to stay in her smoke screen for a significant time while moving at 1/4 speed, and the bonus to the reload time of her consumables both improves her overall survivability and efficiency, and makes the UU useful with any build.

X Zao Slot 6
* -7% maximum dispersion of main battery shells 
* +8% main battery firing range
* Removed the bonus which lowered rudder shift time by 20%.
The upgrade was too universal, empowering different parameters of the ship. In its current form, the UU will be effective for playing on the open water using manoeuvrability and long range.

X Yamato Slot 6
-7% maximum dispersion of main battery shells
Removed: -6% main battery reload time
Changed: -19% => -13% main battery traverse speed 
This upgrade gave two bonuses: DPM and accuracy, and it was too effective. After the change, the UU will offer a clear choice between these two parameters. 

New Upgrades:
0.9.7 Datamine shows that on some of the ships UU's list of parameters, shown in the list below provided by WG Devs, could be altered and in some cases removed.
X Daring Slot 5
 Warhead with Increased Damage
 -10% to the torpedo tubes reload time
 +15% to maximum torpedo damage
Reinforces the ship's torpedo armament capabilities.
Currently, Daring is a versatile destroyer with a slight edge to an artillery-focused play-style. The UU will suggest shifting that edge towards torpedoes. With this upgrade, she will thrive further away from caps, with an emphasis on torpedoes and attacks from within smoke.

 X Kléber Slot 6
 Reinforced Tactical Concealment
 -20% to ship's detectability 
 +80% to main battery reload time 
Alters the battle tactics towards sudden torpedo attacks owing to improved concealment.
The UU offers an alternative to Kléber's artillery focused gameplay: high-speed, close-range torpedo boat with quick torpedo reload. Ship's detectability will be comparable to that of other destroyers at the same Tier, but the ship will lose significant part of her artillery damage per minute.

X Harugumo Slot 5
 Additional Smoke Generation
 +30% to smoke dispersion time 
 +100% to smoke generator action time 
 + 1 consumable's charge
Allows the ship to manoeuvre in the smoke area at slow speeds.
The UU improves the main play-style of the ship at the cost of detectability and lowered efficiency in fighting for key areas. The UU allows Harugumo to stay hidden in smoke while moving at 1/4 speed.

X Kremlin Slot 6
 -18% to main battery reload time
 -12% to main battery firing range
 -1 charge of consumables
Reinforces the ship's artillery capabilities at the cost of reducing the fighting range.
The UU offers an even more aggressive play-style by lowering the consumables reload time, which improves survivability, and lowering the firing range, thereby pushing the ship towards more intense firefights.

X Audacious Slot 6
 -15% to ship's detectability
 +20% to engine boost duration
 -50% to time for the engine to reach full power
 +30% to rudder shift time
Allows the aircraft carrier to close with the enemy and ramp up the attack.
UU allows ship to be closer to the enemy, thus increasing the frequency of planes attacks. But the risk of being detected and becoming the target of focused fire is also increased.

X Midway Slot 6
 Improved Bomb Damage
 +10% to bombers cruising speed
 +10% to HE bombs damage
Improves the efficiency of bombers.
Instead of generally improving all plane types, the UU offers an emphasis on bombers, increasing their speed and bomb damage.

X Hakuryū Slot 6
 Fuel Injection System
 +15% to maximum planes speed
 -20% to engine boost duration
Improves the efficiency of Boost consumable.
The best effect the UU will have is directly before an attack, by significantly increasing the planes' speed and lowering the time they spend in the AA zone. At the same time, the distance covered with the engine boost active remains roughly the same as without the UU.

IMPORTANT! Because the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the finalised information is released.

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