Sea Trials - Final Week Win up to 525 Soviet Tokens playing 3 Soviet Cruisers in Co op, Operations, Random Rewards Dates Times

Sea Trials Final Week, Win up to 525 Soviet Tokens

This last week brings a set of 7 games for each of the 3 x ships owned, all you have to do in this final week is to gain a victory in each game, you can play Co op, which virtually guarantees a Victory, and the game lasts around 4-10 minutes, In total you could win 525 Soviet Tokens.

Countdown Countdown

(3) Three new light cruisers can earn you extra Soviet Tokens

VIII Pyotr Bagration 30 x per Game
VIII Ochakov 30 x per Game
V Mikoyan  15 x per Game

The first seven victories playing Pyotr Bagration and Ochakov in Operations, Random, or Co-op Battles will bring you 30 x Soviet Tokens per victorious battle on each of the ships, while each of the first seven victories playing Mikoyan will provide you with 15 x Soviet Tokens. Thus, within the first week after Update 0.9.4 is released, you can earn 525 additional  Soviet Tokens, this is enough, for example, to exchange for 7 days of Warships Premium Account. Completing all missions will reward you with 525  Soviet Tokens.

The first mission will become available with the release of Update 0.9.4, while those that follow will be unlocked on a weekly basis.

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