Win Free Rental of Kaga and Commemorative Flag Playing 3 Missions

Win Free Rental of Kaga and Commemorative Flag

Starts: Fri. 05 Jun. 05:00 UTC
Ends: Mon. 08 Jun. 05:00 UTC

Encounter at Point Luck
Mission 1
In battles, set enemy ships on fire six times.
Reward: 2x Type 21 expendable camouflages
Mission 2
In battles, sink 10 enemy ships.
Reward: 2x MS-21 expendable camouflages
Mission 3
In battles, hit enemy ships 500 times with your ship's main or secondary battery guns.
Reward: 1x MS-21 expendable camouflage and 1x Type 21 expendable camouflage
Final reward: free-rental of aircraft carrier VIII Kaga for 1 day and a commemorative flag
Final reward: free-rental of aircraft carrier VIII Kaga for 1 day and a commemorative flag
Combat missions of the chain can be completed only in the specified sequence: you can start the next part only after all missions of the previous parts have been completed. You can complete these combat missions playing Tier V–X ships in Clan, Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles.
The ship comes with a Commander without skill points, as well as a Port slot that will be removed from your account once the rental period expires. If you already have VIII Kaga in your Port, you'll only get the commemorative flag. /span>

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