Hayate Tier X Japanese Destroyer 2 Million Free XP

Tier X Japanese Destroyer flagHayate 1945

A destroyer design that was equipped with perfectly dual-purpose 127 mm Type 1/5 guns designed for the needs of the Japanese Navy during World War II.

X Hayate is a Japanese destroyer project with 127 mm dual-purpose Type 1 guns. The ship has great tactical flexibility—through configuring her upgrades and Commander’s skills, she can be specialized either for torpedo attacks or artillery duels.

Key Features:
* Six 127 mm guns in three mounts. With HE shells, her guns can deal considerable damage for their caliber and have a good rate of fire and aiming speed. The ship enjoys flat-trajectory ballistics.
* Two quintuple-tube torpedo launchers. Torpedo range—12 km. Like other Japanese destroyers, Hayate can deal heavy damage to the enemy with her torpedoes. The Torpedo Reload Booster consumable allows players to launch torpedo salvos with a minimal interval, but players will have to discard Smoke Generator in order to mount this consumable.
* The ship's concealment is slightly worse than that of researchable X Shimakaze.
* She enjoys a reduced post-battle service cost compared to researchable Tier X ships; +100% XP per battle; +20% credits per battle; and her permanent camouflage reduces the cost of the ship's post-battle service by 50%.
hayate HayateFlag
'Hayate' is the Japanese word for 'Gale' or 'Storm Wind.' or 'Sudden,' 'Sound of the wind'
Wows Gamer BlogHayate Golden - Japanese Lacquer Permoflage
Wows Gamer BlogInfernal Permoflage
An infernal mix of technology and black magic! This camouflage can be linked to and mounted on any Tier X ship. Once mounted, it acquires the properties of a typical permanent camouflage and is assigned to that ship.

ship details

Ship Name:   Hayate
WG Introduction:   Jun 5th 2019
Paper Ship:   Yes
Tier:   X (10)
Class:   Destroyer (DD)
Type:   Special Ship
Ship Release:   Update (28 Apr 2020)
Resource Purchase:   2 Million Free XP  1 Credit
Nation:   FlagJapan (IJN)
Permoflages: Hayate Golden  Infernal Permo   Permo Level 10 Free 
Current Status:   Released

Hit Points:   20,800 hp
Overall:   6~20 mm
Armor Belt:   19 mm
Hull Fore:   19 mm
Hull Aft:   19 mm
Hull Mid:   19 mm
Deck Fore:   19 mm
Deck Aft:   19 mm
Deck Mid:   19 mm
Superstructure:   13 mm
Turrets:   6 mm
Tonnage:   3,824 tn

main battery
3 x 2 127 mm/50 Type5:
Max Range:   11.6 km
Reload:   4.0 s
180° Turn Time:   10.0 s
Dispersion:   102 m
Sigma:   2.0σ

shell types

127 mm Type1 HE:
Alpha Damage:   2150
Chance of Fire:   9%
HE Armour Penetration:   21 mm
Shell Velocity:   915 m/s
Air Drag:   0.334
Shell Krupp:   450
Shell Mass:   23 kg

127 mm AP Type0 AP:
Alpha Damage:   2200
Detonator Threshold:   21 mm
Shell Speed:   915 m/s
Air drag:   0.334
Shell Krupp:   2,266
Shell Mass:   23 kg

*2x5 610 mm Quintuple/Type93 mod. 3:
Reload:   153 s
180° Turn Time:   7.2 s
Range:   12 km
Damage:   23,767 hp
Speed:   67 kts
Visibility Distance:   1.7 km
Reaction Time:   9.758 s
Chance of Flood:   ~409%
* Same Torpedoes as used on Kitakaze, Harugumo, Shimakaze, Zao.

aa defence
3 x 2 127 mm/50 Type5:
Action Zone:   ~3.5-5.8 km
Hit Probability:   100 %
Damage Within an Explosion:   1610
Continuous Damage Per Second:   63
Continuous Damage:   145
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:   3
Priority Sector Reinforcement:   35%
5 x 2 40 mm/60 Type5:
Action Zone:   ~3.5 km
Hit Probability:   100 %
Continuous Damage Per Second:   112
short RANGE
8 x 1 25 mm/60 Type96 mod. 1:
Action Zone:   ~2.5 km
Hit Probability:   95 %
Continuous Damage Per Second:   35

Maximum Speed:   37.0 kts
Turning Circle Radius:   750 m
Rudder Shift Time:   4.6 s
Propulsion:   79,500 hp

Surface Detectability:   7.7 km
Air Detectability:   3.8 km
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   2.9 km

Slot 1:  Damage Control Party:
Work Time:   5 s
Reload Time:   40 s

Slot 2: Smoke Generator:
Charges:   3.
Action time:    20 s.
Smoke screen life time:   97 s.
Reload time:   160 s.
Smoke Radius:  450.0 m.

Slot 2:  Torpedo Reload Boost:
Charges 3
Action time 1 s
Reload time 240 s
Torpedo Reload time 8 s

Slot 3:  Engine Boost:
Charges:   3
Action time:   120 s
Reload Time:   120 s
Speed Boost:   +8%

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