Clan Brawl 9 Rules, Rewards, Dates Times

Clan Brawls 9 Rewards, Time and Dates

The new Clan Brawl will take place on April 4. Don't miss this perfect opportunity to replenish your Clan's Treasury and fight for credits, Coal, and Steel!

Date: April 4

Battles will be fought playing Tier VIII ships in a 4 vs. 4 format (one ship of each type per team)

Prime Times:

CIS 15:00 — 20:00 UTC
EU 17:00 — 22:00 UTC
ASIA 11:00 — 16:00 UTC
NA 00:00 — 05:00 UTC (on the following day)

Please note: once you play a battle, you will not be able to change the selected prime time in the current Clan Brawl. Unlike Clan Battles, a Clan's place in the Brawl’s Rating is determined for the battle region—the region of the selected prime time.

Up To: 
* 2,500,000 Credits
* 3,500 Coal
* 350 Steel

* Mode: Domination
* Battle duration: 15 minutes
* Maps
Hotspot, Shatter, Trident, and Northern Waters—all with reduced combat areas
Big Race—with the standard map size: 30x30 km

More details on the rewards will be available in the game client.

For achieving high positions in the final Rating, Clans will receive resources for their Treasuries.
* Each subsequent position between 5–50 brings 250 Coal less.

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