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Aircraft Carrier Detection Mechanics in Clan Battles

As clan battles take place between two well-coordinated squads of players, different team tactics –depending on the positioning of the ships– begin to play a major role. Therefore, the ability of aircraft carriers to effectively give their team information about the location of the enemy has too much influence on the outcome of clan battles, compared to other game modes. In order to estimate the impact of aircraft carriers' spotting and scouting capabilities in battles, we will hold a closed test session with special settings for the mechanics of ship detection by planes in Clan Battles.
Ships detected by the aircraft carrier player will be visible to them in the game world and on the minimap, but their allies will see the enemy only on the minimap.
These test sessions will help us gather the required data to estimate extreme cases and determine steps for improvement.
Please note that these mechanics are built as a prototype and will only be used to collect stats.

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