NA: Win any USN Premium up to Tier 7 Ship of Choice in World of Warships


Win a Tier 7 Ship of Choice on NA

Captains and Commanders! WG invite you to participate in this challenge as the USA celebrates the 244th birthday of the US Navy! 

Between the October 7th 12:00 UTC and 14th 12:00 UTC, earn a victory in any USN ship in Random / Co-op  then share a screenshot of your post-battle results to THIS LINK HERE like so:


Random Draw: 
  • Three randomly selected winners will receive:
    • Their choice of an Up-to T7 (currently available) USN Premium
Skill Based Challenge: 
  • The participant with the highest Damage will also receive:'
    • 7 Days Warships Premium
Bonus Round: 
  • Anyone who submits a valid entry within the period will receive:
    • 5x Stars n' Stripes Camos

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