0.8.9 Daily Shipments, Free Italian Cruiser Containers and Doubloons World of Warships


0.8.9 Daily Shipments Free Italian Cruiser Containers and Doubloons


During Update 0.8.9, if you log in to the game during the period from October 17 through October 31, you can get the following rewards via the Daily Shipments section.
You can get a total of 10 rewards, while the shipments are available for 14 days. This means that after you enter the game for the first time, you'll have 14 days to obtain 10 rewards—one per day. Thus, you can skip four days out of two weeks and still claim all the valuable rewards.


 3x Regia Marina camouflage patterns
 50,000 credits
25 Italian Tokens
1 day of Warships Premium Account
1x Italian Cruisers container
3x Regia Marina camouflage patterns
50,000 credits
50 doubloons
25x Italian Tokens
1x Italian Cruisers container

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