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Autumn PTS New Rewards

This summer, a Marathon was held on the Public Test server. For the duration of three Updates, players were able to complete additional missions and received containers as rewards, as well as a Tier VI Premium ship as the final reward.
Public Test 0.8.9 opens the Autumn Season, which will last for three Updates. Seasons will now be held on a regular basis: the Autumn Season will be followed by the Winter Season, then the Spring Season, and so on…
We've collected your feedback, analysed the Marathon results, and now we’re ready to talk about our further plans. What changes will the new Season bring for our players?

Missions for those who missed the previous tests

In the previous Season, any players who had missed at least one Public Test weren’t eligible to receive the final reward for completing all three additional missions. We've amended this in the new Season, and now the missions of the second and third Public Tests of a season will also include the season missions of the previous tests if they haven't yet been completed. Thus, you'll be able to join the last Public Test of a season and complete all the missions of that season in one sitting. However, it will require quite a bit of time to do so!

Variety of missions

In the previous Season, all missions were of the same type—players had to win 15 battles during the Public Test. Success depended largely on the team, as opposed to any particular player's skills. Success in the missions of the new Season will hinge on the amount of XP earned, along with other combat statistics. The exact details will be announced later on.

New rewards

In the previous Season, players could additionally receive patches and a commemorative flag for completing all three missions. 
PT Summer Season Flag.
Flag for participants of the Public Test Summer Marathon..
Now, those players who complete two season missions of the Public Test will be rewarded with a special emblem of the season. If you complete all missions of the Summer Season, you'll automatically receive a Summer Season emblem
PT Summer Season.
A commemorative symbol issued for taking part in the Public Test Summer Marathon.
All players that earn four different emblems for their participation in Public Test seasons will be rewarded with a unique Public Test Veteran emblem.
Join the Public Tests of the Autumn Season’s Updates and complete all the additional missions, and you’ll not only get two containers as an additional reward for each of them, but also a special emblem for completing two season missions. A container that drops a Tier VI Premium ship also awaits you as the final reward!
Our main purpose of conducting the Public Tests is to enhance the quality of the game, and we wouldn't be able to achieve this without you help. We want to thank all the participants of this event once again, as well as those who took the time to share their impressions of the Summer Season with us.

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