7 x British Heavy Cruisers "Added Tier X Goliath Images" On the Way & Italian Cruisers #2 for Update 0.8.10 in World of Warships

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British Heavy Cruisers & Italian Cruisers #2


We are pleased to present you a new branch in the UK tech tree - Heavy Cruisers: 
  • HAWKINS, Tier V: 7x1 190 mm guns; Torpedoes 2x2 533 mm; Armor belt 76 mm.
  • DEVONSHIRE,Tier VI: 4x2 203 mm guns; Torpedoes 2x4 533 mm; Armor belt 114 mm.
  • SURREY, Tier VII: 4x2 203 mm guns. Torpedoes 2x4 533 mm. Armor belt 152 mm.
  • BEDFORD, Tier VIII: 3x3 203 mm guns. Torpedoes 2x4 533 mm. Armor belt 152 mm. 
  • DRAKE, Tier IX: 3x3 234 mm guns. Torpedoes 2x4 533 mm. Armor belt 177 mm.
  • GOLIATH, Tier X: 4x3 234 mm guns. Torpedoes 2x4 533 mm. Armor belt 203 mm.
  • LONDON, Premium Tier VI Also to be Added
    The initial concept, which will be tested, assumes that these ships will have good belt and deck armour, high-explosive and armour-piercing shells with high maximum damage, achieved by the calibre of the guns. For those of you that are familiar with Royal Navy cruisers, the new heavy cruisers from tier VIII-X will also have the branded "British" repair party.
    Owners of British heavy cruisers will be able to choose between the "Defensive AA Defence Fire" and "Fighter" consumables. In a separate slot will be "Hydroacoustic Search" consumable, the characteristics of which will be similar to those of British destroyers: a short detection range and long action time. Such equipment is intended for protection against torpedoes.
    So, to sum it up - high survivability, powerful guns, long-duration hydro-acoustic search and the repair party, capable of repairing a huge amount of hit points, will make these ships good middle-range fighters.

    Goliath Images (Sorry about the Quality)

    Update 0.8.10 will continue the Italian update cycle.
    The event will consist of directives, a new collection, and Italian cruisers which will be out of early access.

    Items of the collection dedicated to the Italian Navy, consisting of 16 elements will only be available in the event's containers. For completing the collection, you will get the new unique Italian commander - Luigi Sansonetti.
    The commander has three talents:
    • A one-time duration increase of consumables after a fixed number of hits to opponents from the main calibre guns;
    • A one-time increase to the firing range of main calibre guns after the destruction of an enemy;
    • Increased reload speed of main calibre guns and torpedo tubes after reaching the "High Calibre" achievement.
    Please note that the commander is still in development and the exact numbers will be announced after testing.

    IMPORTANT! Because the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the finalised information is released.

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