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Greetings, Commanders from India!

If you're here, you've probably heard something about the possibility of migrating your World of Warships account from the Asia Server to the EU Server. But what exactly does account migration mean, how do you do it, and, most importantly, what are the benefits? Follow the guide and read through the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions below!

Why are WG offering it?

In an effort to improve support for World of Warships players in India, we've decided to make some changes. Looking at the network infrastructure in the region, we've determined that we can offer better coverage for players in India on the EU Server, rather than the Asia Server. Therefore, we are offering the option to each and every World of Warships player in India to decide whether they'd like to remain on the Asia Server, or move to EU.
You can migrate your account between 
18 September 2019: 13:00 (UTC+8)
18 October 2019 13:00 (UTC+8) 


If you choose to migrate your account to the EU server, you stand to benefit from some bonuses. Namely:
  • Improved connection latency: In other words, you will experience reduced lag in battle due to your connection with other players in the server being of better quality. The lower the latency, the more smooth and enjoyable the battle is.
  • More convenient prime times: The typical prime time for India (that is, the time of day when most people are playing battles) comes after the prime time for most of the Asia server is already over. However, the Indian prime time coincides with the beginning of the EU Server's own prime time.
  • Special pricing scheme: Prices in the World of Warships Premium Shop will be adjusted for accounts from India.

    Who can take part in it

    If you are a playing World of Warships...
    1. In India.
    2. On the Asia Server
      ... you are eligible to change to migrate your account to the EU Server. As simple as that!

      Required Downloads

      If you decide to migrate your account to the EU server, you will need to download the separate EU
      instance of World of Warships. The first step to doing this is downloading the Wargaming Game Center (WGC), if you don't have it already installed.
      Once WGC is open:
      • Go to the "World of Warships" tab;
      • Click on "Game Settings" on the top of the screen;
      • In the dropdown menu, click on "Install additional game instance";
      • Make sure the dropdown menu on the top-left of the page is set to "Europe";
      • Click the "Install" button.

        After downloading WGC for the first time:

        If you already have WoWS on WGC:

        How to migrate your account
        If you want to go through with the server migration, all you have to do is:

        Log in to your account  on the World of Warships website
        Return to this page HERE
        Click the "Migrate my Account" button below!

        Our team will then proceed with migrating your account for you. You will receive an e-mail notification to the address linked to your account as soon as the action has been completed.
        IMPORTANT: migration of accounts from India will only be available between September 18 and October 18. After October 18, the offer will no longer be available. 
        If after a time on the EU Server, you decide you want to return to the Asia Server, all you need do is contact our Customer Service on either the Asia or EU portals within 30 days of your account's migration, explain your situation, and we will revert the migration.

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