Update13.6: New Battle Type Mode: "Mode Shuffle"

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Update13.6: New Battle Type Mode: "Mode Shuffle"

Update 13.6 will bring along a new temporary battle type called Mode Shuffle. These are 12v12 matches where you can take any Tier VIII-X ship of your choice. You can also make a division with up to 3 people! When you select this battle type, you will get randomly placed in one of three game modes:

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How it Works

  • Airship Escort - Escort the allied airship to the destination point or destroy all enemy ships! During the battle, ships on both sides can affect the speed of the allied or opposing airships by staying within an interactive zone near each one. It's important to remember the following:
    • Airships move at a standard speed if there are no players within their interactive zones.
    • Airships accelerate if only allied ships are within the borders of their interactive zones.
    • Airships slow down if at least one opposing ship is within the borders of their interactive zones.
    • If your team simultaneously speeds up the allied airship and slows down the opposing airship, the allied airship will move even faster.
  • Convoy - Join the battle as part of the attacking or escorting team. The objective of the attacking team is to completely destroy either the convoy or its defenders. The defending team needs to escort convoys of cargo ships as they sail along a defined route. That team wins if at least one convoy ship reaches her destination point or the entire attacking team is destroyed. 
  • Arms Race - Collect upgrades dropped from planes in various locations on the map. With the help of upgrades, your team enhances the combat capabilities of ships and squadrons of aircraft carriers. After some time, a capture point will appear, with its area decreasing over time.

It's worth noting that while Convoy and Airship Escort will be the most recent versions of those game modes, we have made a slight change to Arms Race: there will be no buffs placed near the map borders. That means that buffs will pop up somewhere in the middle parts of the map, so you'll have to get up close and personal to buff yourself and your team! The changes for Arms Race are only present in Mode Shuffle, as they remain unaltered in other battle types.

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