The Beautiful Game - Predict and Win Rewards - Spain Vs England - Times, Dates, Favourites

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The Beautiful Game - Predict and Win Rewards - Spain Vs England - Times, Dates, Favourites.

Support your favourite teams and predict the results of matches! If your team secures a victory, you'll earn a reward and advance on the reward track. If your team is defeated, you'll still receive credits 102,024 Credits.

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Event Rules

Starting June 27, you can guess the team you believe will win each match.

You can only choose a winner before the match begins.

You can try to guess the winners at each stage during the following time periods:

  • Final: July 11–July 14

Results on the event page will be updated 24 hours after the match ends.

To guess the outcome of the match, you need  Football Tokens. You can earn them by completing the “Go for It, Champion!” daily combat mission. Each guess costs  1x Football Token.

The daily 'Combat Missions' are available until: Jul 14, 20:00 UTC




Spain vs. England [UTC]

Sunday July 14th - Final

flag Spain vs. England flag 19:00 UTC

Bookies say Spain are favourites to win this match, but my selection is England to win

Latest News

Spain and England have had 27 previous games against each other.
flag Spain have won 10
flag England have won 14
3 games ended in a draw.


For completing the “Go for It, Champion!” daily combat mission, you'll get  Football Tokens plus special rewards:

  • 5 completed Combat MissionCombat Missions: Commander Marco Materazzi with an individual voiceover
  • 15 completed Combat MissionCombat Missions: Sport Without Borders flag

On the reward track you can get the following:

  • credits Credits.
  • More Container More Signals container.
  • Perm Camos Permanent and Camos expendable economic bonuses.
  • Premium Time 7 days of Premium Account.
  • Distant Voyages Container Distant Voyages Premium container.
  • containers Premium Ship V–IX containers with guaranteed Premium ship drops.
  • camo coalCoal or doubloon Doubloons coupon for 100% discount on any ship available.
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You can claim your rewards only until the end of July 21. After that date, the event page will no longer be available.


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  1. what happens with drawn matches, Joby?

    1. There will not be a drawn match in the finals, they all have to end with a win or lose, for example England 😍 game last night. πŸ˜‰ where an extra 30 mins had to be added to get a winning team, thank god it was my team. 🏴󠁧󠁒σ ₯

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