Support the USS Wisconsin Turret Restoration

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Support the USS Wisconsin Turret Restoration

Join WG in celebrating the 80th anniversary of the legendary battleship USS Wisconsin by contributing to the restoration of her second main battery turret. Your donations will help transform this piece of naval history into a new museum exhibit, allowing visitors to experience the grandeur of this iconic ship.

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How You Can Help:

  • Purchase a containers Bundle: Choose from two exclusive Perm Camos Stars ‘n’ Stripes permanent camouflages priced at USA and Asia $9 and $48 > UK £6.33 and £33.77. Available in the Premium Shop until July 11, 2024.
  • 100% Donation: Every cent/penny of your purchase goes directly to the Nauticus Foundation Charity for the restoration efforts.

Our Goal:

  • Raise $50,000: This target amount will fund the complete restoration of the turret, making it an accessible exhibit for all to enjoy.

Make a Difference: Visit flag USS Wisconsin Turret Restoration and be a part of preserving history. Your support is crucial in bringing this project to life for future generations to admire.

The campaign runs until July 11, 2024. All proceeds from the sale of the bundles will be transferred to the Nauticus Foundation.

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