Piñata Hunt: Rules - Instructions - Times and Dates

Piñata Hunt: Rules - Instructions - Times and Dates

Gear up for the Piñata Hunt, a fresh event that's set to unfurl on our seas and bring a whole lot of fun as you smash a Piñata to smithereens. This colourful event offers a perfect diversion from regular battles while still being a stimulating challenge!

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Piñata Hunt battles will take place on the Colourful Islands map which has been decorated in a special and fitting way. Upon entering battle, one of 14 event-themed camouflages will be randomly applied to your ship. Every ship, including the Piñata ship, will have a brand-new custom explosion animation upon being sunk.

A "piñata" is a traditional focal point of celebrations in some countries. It's typically a colourful, hollow figure, often made of papier-mâché, cardboard, or other materials, shaped like an animal or object. The piñata is filled with candy, toys, or other treats, and it's suspended from a height. Participants in the game, usually blindfolded and armed with a stick, take turns trying to hit the piñata until it breaks open, releasing its contents for everyone to enjoy.


Piñata Hunt Event [UTC]



  • 7v7 with Tier VIII–IX ships of all types.
  • No more than 1 aircraft carrier, 1 submarine, 3 battleships, 3 cruisers, and 3 destroyers per team.
  • Divisions of up to 3 players are allowed.

A special Piñata ship—either a battleship or aircraft carrier with substantially increased HP—will also participate and take one of eight predefined routes randomly during the battle. Once the Piñata ship is destroyed, a shrinking Kea Area will spawn on the spot of its destruction, causing players to converge in the middle if they want to keep earning points. If the Piñata reaches its destination, it will explode!

The team that first sinks all enemy ships or earns 1,000 points, wins!

Support Consumables

The Piñata Hunt event also brings an exciting new feature—support consumables.

These occupy an additional consumable slot, and there are eight new support consumables in total, but each ship type only has access to five of them. One consumable will be unlocked for each ship type from the outset, and to unlock more of them, you can complete combat missions or buy them from the Armory using Credits. You can equip only one support consumable per battle, and they have different effects that will assist you and your team in winning.

At the start of each battle, one charge of your selected support consumable will be available; you can get more charges when the Piñata loses 25%, 50%, and 75% of its total HP. At those HP thresholds, the Piñata becomes invulnerable for 30 seconds and leaves behind one support consumable charge each time. Picking it up provides an additional support consumable charge for everyone on your team.

Activating the Call Smoke Curtain, Call Patrol Bombers, Drop Minefield, and Coordinated Fire consumables opens the Tactical Map: there, you can choose the area to deploy the selected consumable. For Coordinated Fire, you'll need to select an enemy ship instead of an area.

Consumable Name Consumable Effect Consumable Parameters

Coordinated Emergency Repairs
Restores 1% HP per second to you and your allies.
Applies the Damage Control Party effect.
Cooldown time: 110 seconds
Action time: 10 seconds

Call Smoke Curtain
Places a smoke area at the specified location. Cooldown time: 80 seconds
Action time: 120 seconds
Preparation time: 30 seconds
Setting time: 15 seconds

Forced Stalemate
Slows down the Piñata.
Prevents your team from losing points.
Prevents the opposing team from earning points.
Cooldown time: 60 seconds
Action time: 30 seconds

Call Patrol Bombers
Calls planes to the area to patrol, detect,
and attack enemy ships.
Cooldown time: 60 seconds
Action time: 120 seconds
Preparation time: 60 seconds

Drop Minefield
Places a minefield in the selected area.
Remember that you can destroy mines by using
depth charges or Depth Charge Airstrike.
Cooldown time: 120 seconds
Field activation time: 40 seconds
Preparation time: 60 seconds

Joint Fleet Maneuvers
Speeds up allies by 30%.
Increases the effectiveness of allied rudders by 30%.
Cooldown time: 45 seconds
Action time: 45 seconds

Iron Curtain
Makes you and your allies immune to all damage. Cooldown time: 120 seconds
Action time: 12 seconds

Coordinated Fire
Targeted enemy ship takes 30% more damage from all sources. Cooldown time: 90 seconds
Action time: 35 seconds
Preparation time: 30 seconds

Available Support Consumables

Available Support Consumables


Mines have been changed since their last appearance in Concealed Manoeuvrers:

  • Submarines take less damage from mines; the amount depends on depth difference when triggering the mine.
  • Minefields are divided into two zones; the centre is denser with mines, while in the outer zone they are placed more loosely.
  • The visual appearance of minefields is enhanced from the underwater perspective.
  • Improved the minefield interface, including the visual appearance, warning sound for mine detection, and the marker for minefields on the Minimap.
  • Aircraft carriers automatically use ASW to clear mines when they are nearby.
  • Allied minefields may intersect; it allows two minefields to mix and fill gaps if there are some.

Combat Missions

During the Piñata Hunt event, you can obtain Piñata Tokens by completing combat missions. You can exchange these Tokens for the following rewards in the Armory:

  • Liquorice Swirl,  Mint Drops, and Cotton Candy permanent camouflages.
  • Dumpling permanent camouflage.
  • Rabbit Torpedo patch.
  • Piñata commemorative flag.

Compensation will not be provided for any unspent Piñata Tokens once the event ends.

An additional set of combat missions allows you to unlock support consumables for all ship types and earn Piñata Tokens. More information about combat missions can be found in the game client.

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