Guide to Effective Recruitment and Tips for Becoming a Successful World of Warships Recruiter of New Shipmates.

recruitment station guide

Recruiting Station Guide: Earn Monthly Doubloons Cashback and Community Tokens and Premium Time

Guide to Effective Recruitment and Tips for Becoming a Successful World of Warships Recruiter of New Shipmates.
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Achieving success as a Recruiter requires dedication and persistence. Be ready to disseminate your recruitment links across various platforms, including social media, blog posts, and even personal blogs, or any other venue that permits the sharing of your links. Over time, your efforts can yield substantial rewards, potentially exceeding 1500  Community Tokens monthly, plus three days of  Premium Time Premium Time for each recruit who achieves the set easy milestones, and a 10% doubloon Doubloons cashback at the end of each month. Persevere and remain steadfast; the journey may span from a month to a year, and while I understand the frustration it may cause, the outcome is ultimately rewarding. ๐Ÿ˜‰Joby


The Recruiting Station

is a special in-game reward system. Recruiters invite their friends to the game, and in return, they receive unique containers and other rewards in the Armory, as well as Doubloon returns from purchases made by the players they recruit.

How to become a Recruiter?

  • Any World of Warships player who has played at least 15 battles can become a Recruiter.

Who can be invited to become Shipmates?


  • Those who have never played World of Warships.
  • Players who last played World of Warships more than 90 days ago.
  • Players who have not accepted invitations from other Recruiters, and have played fewer than 15 battles.

How can a Recruiter earn Community Tokens?

A Recruiter is a person who invites other people to join our ranks at the Recruiting Station.

  • A Recruiter gets 400 for their first Shipmate.
  • A Recruiter receives 1 Junior Recruiting Station container as a reward for sending out three invitations via any social network or messenger. 
  • A Recruiter receives 10 for each battle played by their Shipmate. All earned Community Tokens are accumulated and displayed on a progress bar. At the beginning of each week, they can be collected and transferred to the Recruiter's account. Up to 1500 can be earned per week.
  • A Recruiter receives 18 for every battle played in a Division with a Shipmate. Bonus for a victory: 8
  • A Recruiter receives 22 for every battle played in a Division with two Shipmates. Bonus for a victory: 12

How can your Shipmate earn Community Tokens?

  • A Shipmate is a person who joins our ranks at the Recruiting Station by accepting an invitation from a Recruiter.
  • A Shipmate receives 5 for every battle played in a Division with their Recruiter. Bonus for a victory: >5

For Community Tokens to be credited for battles, you need to:

  • Play any battle, except Training Battles;
  • Earn at least 150 Base XP points if you enter a battle with a Tier I–V ship (this rule applies to each participant of the Division).
  • Earn at least 300 Base XP points if you enter a battle with a Tier VI–X ship (this rule applies to each participant of the Division).

How to get cashback for purchases made by your Shipmates

  • Only Recruiters with 2 or more Shipmates are eligible to receive cashback.
  • Cashback is credited in Doubloons only, and it’s equal to 10% of the total cost of purchases made by all of your Shipmates in the Premium Shop, Steam, and the Epic Games Store with a conversion rate of 1 USD : 250 Doubloons.
  • Cashback is credited on the first day of every month.
  • At least 30 days must pass from the date of purchase.*

* If a purchase is made on June 2, cashback will be credited on August 1 in accordance with the cashback crediting rules.

Step 1: Invite your friends to the game
via the Recruiting Station.
Step 2: Collect Community Tokens.
Play in a Division with your friends to earn more!
Step 3: Exchange Community Tokens
for unique Recruiting Station containers.

New Player Milestone 

Fight one battle in any mode, except for battles in the Training Room
  • flagpremium cruiser II Emden with the National camouflage
  • port slot Port slot
  • Commander Commander with 9 skill points
  • Premium Time 7 days of Warships Premium Account

Fight one battle playing a Tier VI ship
  • flagpremium cruiser VI Repulse
  • port slot Port slot
  • Commander Commander with 10 skill points
  • Premium Time 7 days of Warships Premium Account
  • credits 5 million Credits
  • Signals 25x signals of each type
  • Common Boost 30x common expendable economic bonuses of each type
  • Special Boost 25x special expendable economic bonuses of each type
  • Rare Boost 20x rare expendable economic bonuses of each type
  • More Container 5x More Coal containers

Veteran Player Milestone 


Win 25 battles playing Tier IV–X ships
14 days of Warships Premium Account
Premium Ship V container

 The servers for each region runs 24/7, you can play Co-op against bot enemy ships, this is the easiest and the fastest way to get your rewards, or Random battles against other live players, it is best to play random battles when you gain experience.

Start Recruiting

Click the button to start sending invitations to any of your friends who haven't joined World of Warships yet, or even those who simply haven't played for a while!

Community Tokens Shop

Community Tokens

You can earn Community Tokens Community Tokens playing combat missions in game special events , but most Community Tokens Community Tokens at least ~Community Tokens2000 can be won on the "Public Test Server" by playing mission provided usually twice a month for 8-10 days each month, with Community Tokens Community Tokens you can purchase some quality gifts such as those that are listed below.

The “Naval Community” Armory tab will be stocked with a sizeable amount of in-game content that can be obtained in exchange for Community Tokens. At launch, you’ll be able to purchase a number of rare ship customizations, containers, and even a Premium ship! The pool of available rewards may be partially refreshed from time to time, but some items, such as Recruiting Station containers, will be a constant fixture.

The following rewards will be available for Community Tokens:

Image of Community Tokens Rewards

Recruitment Containers:

Recruitment containers are a special way of winning more rewards for simply just playing battles.
You will see below are some of the best ships the game has to offer for their Tiers.
The more you play the more points you earn, the bigger the rewards.

Contents and Costs of the Recruitment Containers:

Junior Container:

Cost 500 community token Community Tokens: You can find one of the following rewards in the Junior Recruit Container:
Image of junior container contents

Seasoned Container:

Cost 1500  Community Tokens: You can find one of the following rewards in the Seasoned Recruit Container:
Image of seasoned container contents

Veteran Container:

Cost 3000  Community Tokens: You can find one of the following rewards in the Veteran Recruit Container:
Image of veteran container contents
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  1. I have 40 shipmates and only 3 of them play the game. Tried to complete the combat missions for portal chips with them, but it seems that missions for Recruiter are too hard as shipmates got several chips while playing in division with me, but I got nothing - not a single portal chip :(

    1. Same here, I am still waiting for my portal chips, but they will arrive soon, if not, contact customer support, I will do the same thing.

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