Take Flight for Operation Hailstone - Times, Dates, Rewards (Finished)

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Take Flight for Operation Hailstone - Times, Dates, Rewards (Finished)

WG commemorate one of the most spectacular tours de force of the United States Navy’s carrier-based aviation, when Task Force 58 committed to a crushing raid on the Japanese-held Truk Atoll. The surprise strike, conducted in February 1944, was comparable to a Japanese Pearl Harbor, inflicting a crippling loss of warships and crucial supply vessels.

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  • Complete a repeatable combat mission up to 10 times playing American aircraft carriers to earn up to 1,000 Community Tokens Community Tokens (100 Community Tokens Community Tokens per mission completion).
  • After completing the combat mission 10 times, you will receive 2x Air Supply containers Containers, which have a 0.4% chance of dropping one of either: flagcarrier VIII Enterpriseflagcarrier VIII Saipanflagcarrier VIII Kaga, or flagcarrier VIII Graf Zeppelin

Operation Hailstone [UTC]

The repeatable combat mission can be completed in Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles, as well as in Operations, playing flag VI–X American aircraft carriers.

A separate tab in your Combat Missions page will track the number of times you've completed the special mission.

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