Voyage to the North Pole - Complete Combat Missions Groups to get Tier VIII Dmitry Pozharsky as the Final Reward

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Voyage to the North Pole - Complete Combat Missions Groups to get Tier VIII Dmitry Pozharsky as the Final Reward

Update 12.10 delivers another set of missions! Complete them to earn special rewards, as well as Arctic Tokens, which can be spent on various items (including some Premium containers!) in the “Voyage to the North Pole” section of the Armory. With the new update, we’ve added Captain's Holdall Premium containers to this tab.

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Voyage to the North Pole Combat Missions [UTC]


You will be able to complete eight sequential combat mission groups one each week.


Complete the combat missions to obtainArctic Tokens a new temporary resource that can be spent on various items in the Armory.

Complete the 3rd and 7th combat mission groups to obtain a special mystery reward! What's it going to be? You will have to wait and see… You'll find out what it is when the corresponding combat mission group becomes available.

The final reward for completing all the combat mission groups is flagshipicon VIII Dmitry Pozharsky

Dmitry Pozharsky cruiser image

flag Dmitry Pozharsky - Soviet Russian Tier VIII Premium Cruiser 1954

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Project 68-bis cruiser Dmitry Pozharsky was laid down in Leningrad at Ordzhonikidze Shipyard No. 189 in February 1952. The ship was launched in June 1953 and commissioned in December 1954. In February 1955, she was assigned to the Northern Fleet, but during the summer of the same year, the cruiser headed for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to join the 14th cruiser division of the Pacific Fleet. In 1961, Dmitry Pozharsky joined the 9th division of ASW ships, and from 1967, she was on active duty within the 10th tactical squadron permanently operating in the Indian Ocean.

Key Features of Dmitry Pozharsky:

The cruiser is armed with twelve 152 mm main battery guns which fire only AP shells with improved ricochet angles and flat ballistics. She's also equipped with two quintuple-tube torpedo launchers armed with short-range torpedoes. The ship features high damage per minute and decent maneuverability, but she doesn't have the best concealment. Her consumables are represented by Short-Burst Smoke Generator and Hydroacoustic Search or Defensive AA Fire in one slot.

Arctic Tokens and Rewards

You can obtain up to 250 Arctic Tokens in the following ways:

  • By completing combat missions150 Arctic Tokens.
  • 100 Arctic Tokens can be obtained from the Update 12.9 Premium Battle Pass.

Arctic Tokens can be exchanged for items in a special category in the Armory. New items related to different events in future updates will be added to this category. Items from previous versions will continue to be available until the very end of the event.

  • Update 12.10 will bring players an opportunity to obtain Captain's Holdall Premium containers which can drop a variety of special Commanders.

The sum of Tokens you can obtain for free will be enough to purchase up to five different Premium containers or 37 standard containers.

For example, you could obtain;

  • 3x Black Friday 2023 Premium containers or
  • 5x Jack-o’-Lantern Premium containers. 

Another option would be to obtain.

  • 16x Black Friday 2023 containers or
  • 37x Jack-o’-Lantern containers.

Alternatively, you could just spend these Tokens on;

  • Up to 90x signals or
  • 30x expendable economic bonuses.

German Squadron Containers in the Armory

50 Arctic Tokens German Premium Squadron Container

Image of German Squadron Premium Container

5 Arctic Tokens German Squadron Container

Image of German Squadron Container

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Arctic Tokens can be obtained and spent in the Armory until the release of Update 12.11. Any unspent Arctic Tokens will not be compensated after previously announced date.


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