Ranked Battles 12th Season: 6 vs. 6 Tier X Ships of all types - Rewards - Rules - Timers - All Regions


Ranked Battles 12th Season: 6 vs. 6 Tier X Ships of all types - Rewards - Rules - Timers - All Regions

A new Ranked Battles season is set to begin in Update 12.5.
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  • You can earn Doubloons, Steel, camouflages, economic bonuses, and special containers.
  • Ranked Tokens are awarded for reaching Rank 1 in the Gold League.
  • Stock up on these Tokens to obtain rare permanent camouflages!


The rewards for each league refresh and become available again at the start of each new Sprint.
Achieving Rank 1 will reward you with Bronze, Silver, and Gold League containers.



Ranked Battles "12th Season" [UTC] ENDS


Format and Season Structure


In Season 12, all leagues involve Tier X ships of all types fighting in a 6 vs. 6 format. The following restrictions apply:

  • No more than one submarine and one aircraft carrier per team.
  • No more than three battleships per team.
  • No more than four destroyers per team.

Starting with Update 12.5, similarly to Brawls and Clan Battles, restrictions for ship types and specific ships will be supported in Ranked Battles, and the restrictions can be added or changed throughout the season. No such restrictions are planned for Season 12 , but they may appear in future seasons.

Season Structure

The season is divided into four Sprints, each lasting 2 weeks. Each new Sprint starts immediately after the end of the previous one.

In Season 12, the rule for keeping a Star in the event of a loss is the same for all leagues. Only the top XP earner on the losing team keeps a Star.

  • Battles on the Trident, Mountain Range, and Warrior's Path maps utilize the Arms Race mode.
  • Battles on the Sleeping Giant map utilize the Domination and Arms Race modes.
  • On all other maps, battles utilize the Domination mode.

Bonus Combat Mission:

A special combat mission will be available at the start of the season: Earn 1,500 Base XP in Ranked Battles to receive two Rare Bonuses containers.

bonus missions

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