Closed Test - HD Visual Improvements: HD Textures, Water Effects, Fauna, Hit Effects and Tracers

hd textures

Closed Test - HD Visual Improvements: HD Textures, Water Effects, Fauna, Hit Effects and Tracers

WG have announced that we will soon conduct a closed test of planned visual changes for the maps Polar, New Dawn, and Islands; changes to hit effects, shell tracers, and water display; and the addition of some fauna on our maps.

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Here are some of the highlights of the upcoming closed test:

HD Textures

polar mapnew dawn mapislands map

The Polar, New Dawn, and Islands maps will be reworked to achieve HD quality. Object textures are now more detailed, and different weather options are more distinctive. HD textures are high-resolution images that enhance the visual quality of 3D models and environments. You can enjoy the improved graphics on these maps with our new HD texture pack.

Water Effects

polar mapnew dawn mapislands map

Some visual water effects will be improved. The splashing of waves coming in contact with ships will become more realistic. An animation representing the falling water drops from ships will be added, and when a wave hits a ship, foam will run along its deck. These effects will make the water look more dynamic and immersive.


A lot more birds and fish will appear on maps that have received the HD rework treatment. The types of fish will also vary—for example, you'll be able to see sharks underwater. In addition, sometimes players' ships will be accompanied by a pack of dolphins. This change will make the maps feel more alive and increase the realism of battles.

Hit Effects and Tracers

HE shell

HE Rockets

AP shell

AP rockets

The effects of shell, bomb, and rocket hits will be significantly updated. The effects of shells will vary depending on the calibre and type of shell, as well as on the speed of the target ship. Rocket and bomb hit effects will vary depending on the type of this armament as well.

Depending on the height of the hit on the ship or islands, the blast effects may be displayed on the water.

Shell tracers will be updated as well. Now they will be more visible at long distances. Shell tracers are lines that indicate the trajectory of fired shells. They help you aim and track your shots better.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.

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