12.4 Convoy Battles - Time, Dates, Details, Missions and Rewards


12.4 Convoy Battles - Time, Dates, Details, Missions and Rewards

You're once again tasked with defending or attacking transport ships that are en-route to their destination point with essential supplies.
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The principles behind the Convoy battle type are based on real historical events. In the past, sea battles didn't only involve warships clashing and aerial assaults. A significant aspect of naval confrontations involved defending or attacking the shipping lanes that were being used to transport strategically important cargo.

Convoy will be available throughout Update 12.4.

What Has Changed?

Update 12.4 delivers the following changes:
  • WG have added one more map—you'll be fighting tooth and nail on Haven.
  • WG have updated the behavior of bot ships—transport ships will now change their speed to avoid torpedoes instead of changing course.
  • WG have improved the battle type interface.


12.4 Convoys - EU Time [UTC] Ends

Defending and Attacking

Two teams participate in each battle—one is tasked with escorting cargo ships, and the other is tasked with attacking them. Players are randomly distributed between the two teams. You can enter each battle either alone or as part of a division of up to three players.

The defending team needs to escort convoys of cargo ships as they sail along a defined route. The defending team wins if at least one convoy ship reaches her destination point or the entire enemy team is sent back to Port. The mission of the attacking team is to completely destroy either the convoy or its defenders.

All convoys are made up of Liberty-class transport ships. They have little HP and weak armor. On the other hand, they can deploy smoke screens and change speed to avoid enemy torpedoes. In addition, these ships are armed with two main battery guns and twelve secondary battery guns that are capable of firing at approaching opponents. They also have AA defenses to repel air attacks.


  • 12 vs. 12 with Tier VIII—X ships.


North, Hotspot, Trap, Two Brothers, Tears of the Desert, Haven, Crash Zone Alpha.

Depending on the map, the convoys can follow two or three routes at the same time, leading to one or several destinations.
1 / 8
2 / 8
3 / 8
4 / 8
5 / 8
Two Brothers
6 / 8
Tears of the Desert
7 / 8
8 / 8
Crash Zone Alpha




Your successes in Convoy will be rewarded with special themed achievements:

Achievement Condition
Living Shield Receive two torpedo hits from the opponent while being within a 2-kilometer radius of an allied ship.
Neat Job Win by destroying all the transport ships and without losing any allied ships. At the same time, damage caused to enemy ships should amount to at least 50% of your ship's base HP.
Safe Route Win a battle and save all transport ships. At the same time, damage caused to enemy ships should amount to at least 50% of your ship's base HP.
Nerves of Steel Win and survive in a battle while at least twice as many enemy ships remain. At the same time, damage caused to enemy ships should amount to at least 50% of your ship's base HP. Can be completed while playing for any team.
Raider Destroy two transport ships in a single battle.

Due to the specifics of the battle type, these are the only achievements you can earn in Convoy.

Combat Missions

You've been granted access to some special combat missions that can only be completed in Convoy. Win and earn Base XP to obtain  Community Tokens.

Daily Combat Mission

  • Win a Convoy battle.
    Reward: 30  Community Tokens.

Weekly Combat Missions

  • Earn 5,000 Base XP in Convoy.
    Reward: 350  Community Tokens.
  • Earn 15,000 Base XP in Convoy.
    Reward: 400  Community Tokens.
  • Earn 50,000 Base XP in Convoy.
    Reward: 550  Community Tokens.
In addition to the daily and weekly missions, you'll be granted access to five combat mission chains that require you to earn Base XP—one chain per ship type. Reward for completing each chain 300  Community Tokens.

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