PTS 12.4 Round 1 - Convoys Return, European Destroyers, Same Ship Repeated Battle Entry, and much more!

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PTS 12.4 Round 1 - Convoys Return, European Destroyers, Same Ship Repeated Battle Entry, and much more!

Joining the Public Test is a great way to earn permanent and expendable camouflages, containers that drop Premium ships, and other valuable items.

Update 12.4 brings the return of the Convoy battle type, European destroyers in Early Access, repeated battle entry with the same ship, and other new features, and a chance to obtain reworked Italian Cruisers containers. 

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Special Features of the Test

A test Clan Battles season will be held on the Public Test Server. The format and restrictions will be similar to those in Season 21.

Round 1 Schedule

PTS 12.4 Download size 3.18GB
PTS 12.4 Round 1 [UTC]


Combat Missions and Rewards

Progress through combat missions on the Public Test Server to earn Community Tokens. These Tokens can be exchanged for various rewards in the Armory, including rare permanent camouflages, containers, and other in-game items.

The rewards for activities on the Public Test Server may differ from those on the Live Server.
Please note: The Battle Pass rewards on the Public Test Server will differ from the rewards on the upcoming 12.4 Live Server.
Round   Missions and Rewards for the Live Server 
1 2  

Earn 250 Base XP in a single Random or Co-op Battle.

Reward on the Live Server: 100 Community Tokens.

Earn 1,000 Base XP in Random Battles.

Reward on the Live Server: 200 Community Tokens.

Earn 8,000 Base XP in Random Battles and Convoy.

Reward on the Live Server: 1x Tactical Special container.

Complete a special combat mission chain playing superships.

Reward on the Live Server: 1,000 Community Tokens.

Fight five Convoy battles and deal at least 50,000 damage in each battle.

Reward on the Live Server: 500 Community Tokens.

Earn 500 "Secondary battery hits" ribbons in Random Battles, Co-op Battles, and Convoy.

Reward on the Live Server: 450 Community Tokens.

Receive 3,000,000 potential damage in Random Battles, Co-op Battles, and Convoy.

Reward on the Live Server: 7x Pioneer expendable camouflages.


PTS in-Game Links
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Some links may not work until PTS 12.4 is live

More Rewards:

The Public Test of Update 12.4 is getting underway today! In addition to our usual rewards for completing the Public Test missions, we've prepared several additional opportunities to replenish your stocks with valuable items.

If you're already familiar with the concept of the Public Test, feel free to move on to the rewards and info about how to get them.

Join the Public Test Server

Every player who joins the 12.4 Public Test Server will receive a one-time reward: 250 Doubloons, 2x More Coal containers, and 1x Tactical Special container.

A one-time reward is also given for the first time you log in to each of the Public Test sessions—100 Doubloons and 750 Coal.

Complete one combat mission and additional Public Test requirement

In addition to completing one combat mission, earn Base XP or deal damage in one battle. The top 50 players for each of the parameters based on the results of the entire Public Test 12.4 will receive one of these rewards: a container holding a Tier VI, VII, or VIII Premium ship or a Unique Bonuses container.

Complete one combat mission in the Public Test

A total of 50 players who fulfill the condition will be entered into a random giveaway of 500 Doubloons and containers holding Tier II–VI Premium ships.

Total number of rewards:


The giveaway will be held separately for each round of the Public Test.

Make your contribution to the development of World of Warships and earn even more rewards!


Starting Bonuses

  • Research prices for ships and ship modules will be substantially discounted.
  • You will be able to reset Commander skills free of charge.

If you're joining the Public Test for the first time since Update 12.3, you'll be awarded the following additional bonuses:

  • All researchable Tier VI and VIII ships with 21-skill-point Commanders
  • At the start of the Public Test, every participant will have all researchable Tier VI and VIII ships, helmed by Commanders with 19 skill points, credited to their PT accounts.
  • CREDITS 500,000,000 Credits.
  • resource 30,000 Doubloons
  • COAL 250,000 Coal
  •  90 days of Warships Premium Account.
  • Sets with expendable economic bonuses.

If you're joining the Public Test for the first time after an account transfer, you will only receive the standard starting bonuses.

How to Participate
All information on how to join the Public , Follow the instruction {getButton} $text={PTS Guide/Instructions} $icon={link} $color={red}

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