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Hi folks and a warm welcome to you all 😊

Yes some of you will have heard that from my channel, some of you might be wondering who’s this.

I’m TC, I’m pretty much the original, chilled out, salt free relaxed channel in the World of Warships Twitch Directory.

I’d like to say a huge thanks to iJoby and the folks here at WoWs Gamer Blog for the invite to write this, the first time I’ve really done this. I am a user of all the really awesome information that the team here provide to us, just like your selves – I’m also lucky enough to know iJoby through the CC programme as well.

I’ve been asking myself while trying to right this, what should I include in this? I’ve asked a few people as well and decided to write it sort of in a who am I thought.

So, Who am I?

Well, I’m TC, I’ve played World of Warships since Closed Alpha 2015 Draft 2, the time of the Kitakami, Stealth DD Firing, and the promise that there will never be Subs in this game….

I’ve been on twitch streaming since September 2015, and from the get go I just wanted to have a chilled fun channel, none of the normal rage and salt that you found else were – Just a fun, and try to show myself going from below average, to ok as a player. I grow slowly there over time, and was having a huge amount of fun, I was getting better and I was also finding that people were not only helping me, but each other in chat – without any of the worry about each other’s stats etc.

Then in 2018, my friend mentioned Playing Operations in World of Warships. We started playing, and I found I settled in to World of Warships, it’s slower pace suited me more, and I found that I had so much more fun in it. As group of friends we just loved having fun, we also seemed to be the only people showing Operations to the community.
I want to add here a big thanks to Redberen, who also streamed these as well. He used to do some brilliant Walking Dead cosplay, and currently streams Lord of the Rings a game he has played since closed Alpha as well. If you like the Tolkien lore and the Books – Check him out, he is a fountain of knowledge and a good egg.

So what makes me, well me? Well, I just don’t get annoyed at the game. I stick by the thought that it’s a game. It’s something to just relax, get away from the stress of IRL.

While I’m not great or fantastic at the game, I try my best, I try to learn, I accept that I make mistakes – I’ll tell you when I do that as well, because it’s not only the right thing to do rather than blame others, but show how you can learn from not only mine, but our mistakes.

If you want to experience the very relaxed side of World of Warships, talk about the Ships, the History, ask a question, talk about the Fanderson world (Bonus Point’s if you know what that is) and just enjoy the game, while trying to improve then your all welcome to join.

Again Cheers to iJoby and the Team for this opportunity, let them know on the WoWs Gamer Blog Facebook group or Discord if you want to hear more.

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World of Warships CC / Partnered Twitch Broadcaster and of course, The Best Reefer in World of Warships here for your entertainment.
Here you'll see me fail-hard, in style and with my usual comment's and feedback
I'll be doing Reviews, of Ships, new Content and other Random things.
Subscriber videos should you guys want to send me any replays are also welcome



See you all soon 😊 TC

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