Unique Pan-Asian Commander Sa Zhenbing and Lunar New Year Celebrations


Unique Pan-Asian Commander Sa Zhenbing and Lunar New Year Celebrations

The first update of the new year will traditionally be marked by the Lunar New Year celebrations.
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To celebrate the event, the new "The Age of Sa Zhenbing" collection is going to be introduced into the game. It reveals the biography of the famous admiral and the naval history of China in the era of armor and steam.

The collection consists of five pages, with four elements on each. Completing each collection page will bring you 1 day of Warships Premium Account; the reward for completing the entire collection is unique Pan-Asian Commander Sa Zhenbing


Lunar New year Collection

1 / 5
2 / 5
3 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5


Enhanced Skills of Commander Sa Zhenbing

For Aircraft Carriers:

  • Improved Engine Boost: +7.5% to the engine boost action time for squadrons instead of the standard +5%.

For Battleships:

  • Emergency and Repair Specialist: Consumable cooldown for Damage Control Party and Repair party −4% instead of standard −3%.
  • Vigilance: +35% to torpedo acquisition range instead of the standard +25%.

For Cruisers and Destroyers

  • Consumables Enhancements: +12.5% to consumable action time instead of the standard +10%.

Unique Talents of Commander Sa Zhenbing

  • High Alert: Activates once per battle upon earning the Combat Scout achievement and reduces the squadron preparation and main battery gun reload times by 20%.
  • Torpedo Attack Expert: Activates once per battle upon hitting enemy ships with torpedoes six times and increases torpedo speed by 5%, reduces the Torpedo Reload Booster consumable cooldown time by 25%, and adds one charge of this consumable.
  • Emergency Supplies: Activates after every 1,500,000 HP of potential damage earned and reduces consumable cooldown time by 6.5%.

On the Live Server, collection elements can be obtained from standard Age of Sa Zhenbing containers, which can be earned by completing a special combat mission chain and advancing through the Battle Pass levels. You'll also find the collection elements in Premium Age of Sa Zhenbing containers, which can be purchased from the Armory and Premium Shop.

The new commander and collection containers won't be available on the Public Test server.
Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times

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