Battle Pass Guide for 0.11.11 - Includes 25x New Year Certificates


Battle Pass Guide for 0.11.11 - Includes 25x New Year Certificates

Update 0.11.11 brings a new Battle Pass (BP). You can earn Battle Pass Points by completing daily and weekly combat missions.

Among the rewards of the Free Battle Pass, you'll find various containers, fxp Free XP and commanderxp Elite Commander XP,  Credits, coal Coal, STEEL Steel, RESEARCH BUREAU1,900 Research Points, and port slot 5x Port slots, rare 19x Rare Bonuses containers, unique 2x Unique Bonuses containers and a papa_noel 1x 10-point Papá Noel Commander.

What are the differences between the BP types?

There are two progress tracks in the Battle Pass Free BP and Premium BP. The Free BP is available immediately and does not need to be purchased. Upon purchasing the Premium BP, the Free BP will be upgraded, and you'll gain access to additional valuable rewards. You can purchase the Premium BP at any time.
When you do so, you'll receive all the rewards of the Premium BP tied to previously completed levels.

The total value of the Free BP rewards is comparable to the value of the rewards that were obtainable from daily, weekly, and monthly combat missions prior to the release of Update 0.11.10. The rewards may vary slightly from update to update. WG plan to keep the total reward value no lower overall than in the previous system.

List of Free Battle Pass Rewards

  •  45x More Signals containers
  • common 5x Common Bonuses containers
  • special 8x Special Bonuses containers
  • fxp 5,000 Free XP
  • commanderxp 10,000 Elite Commander XP
  • port slot 5x Port slots
  •  2,100,000 Credits
  • STEEL 1,900 Steel
  • coal 19,000 Coal
  • RESEARCH BUREAU1,900 Research Points
  • rare 19x Rare Bonuses containers
  • unique 2x Unique Bonuses containers
  • papa_noel 1x 10-point Papá Noel Commander

List of the Premium BP additional rewards

The Premium BP offers additional rewards. These include Coal, Research Points, Credits, Free and Elite Commander XP, and Steel, as well as economic bonuses.

  • COAL 29,500 Coal
  •  6,000,000 Credits
  • commanderxp 180,000 Elite Commander XP
  • fxp 65,000 Free XP
  • STEEL 2,200 Steel
  • RESEARCH BUREAU2,200 Research Points
  •  25x special expendable economic bonuses of each type
  •  18x rare expendable economic bonuses of each type
  •  6x unique expendable economic bonuses of each type
  •  25x New Year Certificate

A New Year Certificate is a temporary resource that can be exchanged in Update 0.11.11 for  375,000 Credits or any of the three types of Santa's Gift holiday containers.

"Santa Gift Container" = 1 New Year's certificate 
"Santa Big Gift Container" = 3 New Year's certificates 
"Santa Mega Gift Container" = 5 New Year's certificates 
The cost of the Premium BP is resource 2500 doubloons. Access to the Premium reward chain unlocks the ability to purchase BP levels for Doubloons. One level cost is resource 625 doubloons. To purchase the Premium BP, open the Battle Pass tab in the Port.
Battle Pass 0.11.11 [UTC] Ends

"Santa's Gift" Containers and Drop Chances

standard big mega

Santa's Gift Container

Santa’s Big Gift Container

Santa's Mega Gift Container


40x New Ships added to all "Santa's Gift" Containers

Tier V - VII Ships Tier VIII and IX Ships Tier X and Rare Ships
flag shipicon VI K. Schönberg flag shipicon VIII Rochester flag shipicon V Fujin
flag shipicon VII FR25 flag shipicon VIII San Diego flag shipicon V Kamikaze
flag shipicon VII Huron flag shipicon VIII Hampshire flag shipicon V Kamikaze R
flag shipicon VII Toulon flag shipicon IX Tulsa flag shipicon V Gremyashchy
flag shipicon VII Maya flag shipicon IX Carnot flag shipicon IX USS Black
flag shipicon V Rio De Janeiro flag shipicon IX Dalian flag shipicon X F. Sherman
flag shipicon VI Repulse flag shipicon VIII Brandenburg flag shipicon X Khabarovsk
flag shipicon VII Collingwood flag shipicon VIII Anhalt flag shipicon X Álvaro de Bazán
flag shipicon VI Novorossiysk flag shipicon IX Kearsarge flag shipicon VIII Anchorage
flag shipicon VI Béarn flag shipicon IX Giuseppe Verdi flag shipicon V Giulio Cesare
  flag shipicon IX Iwami flag shipicon VIII Odin
  flag shipicon VIII Hornet flag shipicon IX Hizen
  flag shipicon VIII Aquila flag shipicon X G. Kurfürst
  flag shipicon VIII Chkalov flag shipicon X Malta
  flag shipicon VIII I-56  
  flag shipicon VIII S-189

Previous List of Ships in the 2021 Santa Containers

Tier X and Rare Ships Tier VIII and IX Ships Tier V - VII Ships
 X Max Immelmann
 X Thunderer
 X Marceau
 X Hayate
 X Småland
 X Salem
 X Napoli
 X Yoshino
 X Moskva
 X Smolensk
 IX Missouri
 IX Georgia
 IX Jean Bart
 IX Musashi
 IX Benham
 IX Neustrashimy
 IX Friesland
 IX Alaska
 IX Kronshtadt
 VIII Enterprise
 VIII Massachusetts
 VIII Lenin
 VIII Asashio
 VIII Mikhail Kutuzov
 VII Z-39
 VII Haida
 VII Nelson
 VII Flint
 VII Belfast
 VI Erich Loewenhardt
 VI Admiral Graf Spee
 VI T-61
 IX Pommern
 IX Marco Polo
 IX Ägir
 IX Azuma
 IX Z-44
 IX Groningen
 VIII Saipan
 VIII Indomitable
 VIII Graf Zeppelin
 VIII Kaga
 VIII Alabama
 VIII Constellation
 VIII Vanguard
 VIII Gascogne
 VIII Champagne
 VIII Flandre
 VIII Tirpitz
 VIII Roma
 VIII Borodino
 VIII Congress
 VIII Wichita
 VIII Cheshire
 VIII Tiger '59
 VIII Belfast '43
 VIII Bayard
 VIII Prinz Eugen
 VIII Mainz
 VIII Atago
 VIII Tone
 VIII Ochakov
 VIII Pyotr Bagration
 VIII Irian
 VIII Kidd
 VIII Cossack
 VIII Le Terrible
 VIII Z-35
 VIII Orkan
 VIII Loyang
 VIII Fenyang
 VIII Siliwangi
 VII Florida
 VII California
 VII Hood
 VII Duke of York
 VII Strasbourg
 VII Scharnhorst
 VII Ashitaka
 VII Hyūga
 VII Poltava
 VII Atlanta
 VII Indianapolis
 VII Boise
 VII München
 VII Weimar
 VII Duca degli Abruzzi
 VII Gorizia
 VII Lazo
 VII Nueve de Julio
 VII Yukon
 VII Sims
 VII Yūdachi
 VII Leningrad
 VII Błyskawica
 VI Ark Royal
 VI W. Virginia 1941
 VI Arizona
 VI Warspite
 VI Dunkerque
 VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich
 VI Mutsu
 VI London
 VI De Grasse
 VI Duca d'Aosta
 VI Molotov
 VI Admiral Makarov
 VI Perth
 VI Mysore
 VI Huanghe
 VI Ise
 VI Monaghan
 VI Gallant
 VI Aigle
 VI Leone
 VI Juruá
 VI Anshan
 V Texas
 V Agincourt
 V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
 V Viribus Unitis
 V Marblehead
 V Marblehead Lima
 V Exeter
 V Genova
 V Yahagi
 V Murmansk
 V Krasny Krym
 V Mikoyan
 V Kirov
 V Hill
 V Siroco
 V Okhotnik

Once the BP is complete, what's next?

Continue progressing through the BP missions after completing all the levels to earn fixed rewards. This is called "post-progress." If you complete all weekly and daily BP missions in Update 0.11.11, you'll earn 900 Points. At the same time, in order to unlock all levels of the free or Premium progress track, only 590 BP points are required. So, if you completed all the weekly and daily missions, you’ll have 310 points to spend on post-progress rewards: up to 31x More Signals and common Common Bonuses containers. If you possess the Premium BP, you can receive an additional rare 31x Rare Bonuses containers and up to COAL 31,000 Coal in post-progress rewards.

Rewards of a single post-progress level for the Free BP track

  • 1x More Signals container
  • 1x Common Bonuses container

Rewards of a single post-progress level for the Premium BP track

  • The Free BP rewards 
  • 1 x More Signals container 
  • 1 x Common Bonuses container
  • 1x Rare Bonuses container
  • COAL 1000 Coal
With the release of each update, Battle Pass progress will be reset for all players and the rewards will be updated.

How to upgrade your BP to receive bonus rewards
You can purchase the Premium Battle Pass together with Season Bonuses. Doing so unlocks access to the Premium mission chain and additional resource bonuses.

Season bonuses work similarly to Clan Base bonuses and are active throughout the entire BP in the current update. This time, we've added a +150% bonus for the first victory to Ship XP, Commander XP, and Free XP to the large pack. The reward is given for a victory in any battle type and can be received once a day on each of the ships.

The cost of a large pack for those who only have access to the Free BP is resource 6,250 doubloons for those with the Premium BP, the cost is resource 3,750 doubloons.
The bonuses will remain active throughout the entire BP, meaning that it's most profitable to purchase bonuses on the first day of the update.

Seasonal bonuses in Update 0.11.11

Season Bonuses Contain:
Missions to earn additional Battle Pass Points* +1
Coal, Steel, and Research Points +5%
Exchange Doubloons for Credits resource 1: 1,750
Daily bonuses to all types of XP for the first victory +150%
Demounting upgrades Free
*A mission that provides additional BP points is activated once each week, and they all remain available to complete until the end of the battle pass season, with the release of the following Update.
The bonuses will remain active throughout the entire BP. This means that its most profitable to purchase bonuses on the first day of the update.

Combat Missions

Completing daily and weekly combat missions will only reward you with the Battle Pass Points that are needed to fill the BP bar:
  • 10 points for a fully completed daily combat mission chain
  • 80 points for a fully completed weekly combat mission chain
To collect all BP rewards in the 6-week span of Update 0.11.11, you need to earn 590 Points. This can be done, for example, by completing five full weekly (400 Points) and nineteen full daily (190 Points) chains. Alternatively, it can be done by completing four weekly (320 Points) and 27 daily chains (270 Points).
Daily combat mission's requirements
Mission № Requirements
1 300 base XP
2 500 base XP
3 1,000 base XP
4 1,100 base XP in victorious battles
5 1,200 base XP in victorious battles
6 1,300 base XP in victorious battles
Combat mission chain requires noticeably less base XP in victorious battles and requires base XP in exchange. 

Weekly combat mission's requirements
Mission № Mission # After
1.1 - Easy chain 1 2,000 base XP
1.2 - Easy chain 2 3,000 base XP
1.3 - Easy chain 3 4,000 base XP 
2.1 - Hard chain 4 5,000 base XP in victorious battles
2.2 - Hard chain 5 6,000 base XP in victorious battles
2.3 - Hard chain 6 7,000 base XP in victorious battles
2.4 - Hard chain -
2.5 - Hard chain
Overall 18 000 base XP in victorious battles + 9 000 base XP
You don't need to complete all the missions throughout the update to complete the main Battle Pass and get all the rewards for it.

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