Changes to Carriers AA Mechanics - Closed Concept Testing

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Changes to Carriers AA Mechanics - Closed Concept Testing

Closed concept testing of changes to CV AA mechanics will take place shortly.
The changes are designed to increase the impact of AA on aircraft carrier offensive capabilities, shifting the impact from future attacks to current:
  • Squadrons are now divided into a group that will launch an attack and a group of remaining aircraft.
    • If an aircraft from an attacking group is shot down, its place will not be taken by other aircraft from the squadron.
    • The attacking group will be filled with new aircraft from the squadron only when there are no planes left in it. The attacking squadron will not be able to conduct an attack for a period of time after it has been refilled with planes.
  • AA will have a new parameter that sets the chance that continuous damage will be dealt to an aircraft from an attacking group. Otherwise, the damage will be dealt to the aircraft from the rest of the squadron. In other words, the squadron is now divided into attacking group and "the rest". AA can attack either an aircraft from attacking group, or from "the rest", and there's a parameter setting a chance that AA will choose an aircraft from the attacking group. Target selection will remain in effect for some time after leaving the air defense zone.
    • If a squadron flies through multiple ships' air defences, all continuous damage will be dealt to one selected aircraft.
    • Damage to aircraft by fighters, flaks and instant damage of Priority sector will not change.
With the changes, the player will have the opportunity to reduce the damage from the ongoing carrier attack by shooting down planes from the attacking flight.
It is also now possible to return only the attacking group to the aircraft carrier by holding down the f key key.
Please note that all information in the post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.

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