Louisiana - American Tier X Hybrid Battleship 1949

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flagship icon Louisiana - American Tier X Hybrid Battleship 1949

The project of a powerful hybrid battleship-carrier that was based on the hull of Montana-class battleships and armed with ten 406 mm guns. The ship's anti-aircraft artillery is represented by systems developed at the end of World War II.
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Changes to:
flagship icon X Louisiana
  • Increased the size of the dive bombers' aiming ellipse. As a result, the dive bombers will, on average, deal less damage to destroyers. 
  • The aiming ellipse of Louisiana's dive bombers will become similar to Nebraska's and Delaware's.
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 US Hybrids Key Features

US Hybrids Key Features

The new battleships stand out with good manoeuvrability and speed, which makes it possible to change flanks if the need arises. The most vulnerable part of these ships is their large, lightly armoured aircraft hangars which form part of the superstructure. Thanks to their good firing range and fully controllable aircraft squadrons, these newcomers can provide effective support to their team. The ships’ consumables are composed of Damage Control Party and Repair Party with standard characteristics, as well as a Fighter.
As far as Anti-Submarine tools, these ships will come equipped with a standard Depth Charge Airstrike. If testing of this armament on the American branch of researchable hybrid battleships is successful, WG will consider adding this armament to the hybrid ships already present in the game.
 Louisiana Info

Louisiana Info

louisiana birdseye
Ship Name: flagship icon X Louisiana
Tier: 10
Paper ship: Yes
Class: Hybrid Battleship/Carrier
Status during testing and Early Access: premium cruiser Special Ship
Status when Final: ship icon Researchable Ship
Early Access Ship Release: 12.0
Estimated Credit Purchase cost when final is image 255 000  CREDITS 21 000 000
Nation:  flag USA
Current development status: Released
 Louisiana Armor

Louisiana Armor

louisiana armor image
Hit Points: 96,300
Overall: 6-541 mm
Torpedo Protection: 35%
Fore Athwartships: 32-457 mm
Aft Athwartships: 32-457 mm
Citadel Fore Athwartships: 432-457 mm
Citadel Aft Athwartships: 324-387 mm
Torpedo Bulkhead: 110-180 mm.
Armor Belt: 38-409 mm
Citadel Deck: 19 mm
Citadel Bottom: 50 mm
Turret Plating: 229-457 mm
Tonnage: 72,104 tons
 Main Battery Armament

Main Battery Armament

2 x 3 406 mm/50 Mk.7 in a turret
1 x 4 406 mm/50 Mk.7 in a turret:
Max Range: 22.8 km
Reload: 30.0 s
180° Turn Time: 45.0 s
Dispersion at Max Range: 288 m
Sigma: 1.90σ

Shell Types:

HE Shells 10 x 406 mm HE/HC Mk13:
Max HE Shell Damage: 5700
Alpha Piercing HE: 68.0 mm
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Shell Air Drag: 0.346
Shell Always Ricochet at: 60.0°
Normalization: 8.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Krupp: 250.0
Shell Mass: 862.0 kg
Shell Ricochet at: 91.0°
Shell Speed: 820.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 36%
AP Shells: 10 x 406 mm AP Mk8:
Max AP Shell Damage: 13500
Ammo Type: Armor Piercing
Shell Air Drag: 0.352
Shell Always Ricochet at: 60.0°
Normalization: 6.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.033
Shell Detonator Threshold: 68.0
Shell Krupp: 2520
Shell Mass: 1225.0 kg
Shell Ricochet at: 45.0°
Shell Speed: 762.0 m/s
Air Wing

Air Wing

Dive Bomber - BTD Destroyer:
Plane HP: 2500 hp
Cruising Speed: 135 kts
Max Speed: 171 kts
Engine Boost Time: 20 s
Engine Boost Reload Time: 40 s
Attacking Plane Amount: 6
Squadron Amount: 6
Aircraft on Deck: 6
Plane Restoration: 6 units/120 s
Detectability: 10 km
Bomb Stats:
Max AP Bomb Damage: 7300
Alpha Piercing HE: 42.7
Ammo Type: 2 × AN-M64 HE
Bomb Air Drag: 0.35
Bomb Always Ricochet At: 60.0°
Normalization: 45.0°
Bomb Detonator: 0.03
Bomb Detonator Threshold: 25.0
Bomb Diameter: 40 mm
Bomb Krupp: 3.0
Bomb Mass: 3.0 kg
Ricochet: 45.0°
Bomb Speed: 300.0 m/s
Chance of Fire: 46%
Secondary Armament

Secondary Armament

10 x 2 127 mm HE Mk41:
Max HE Shell Damage: 1800
Range: 7.3 km
Reload: 4.0 s
Alpha Piercing HE: 21.0 mm
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Shell Air Drag: 0.279
Shell Always Ricochet At: 60.0°
Normalization: 68.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Krupp: 445.0
Shell Mass: 31.75 kg
Shell Ricochet At: 91.0°
Shell Speed: 808.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 9%
 Depth Charge Airstrike

Depth Charge Airstrike

Reload: 30 s
Available Flights: 2
No of Aircraft in Attacking Flight: 1
Max Range: 11 km
Bombs in Payload: 2 x 650-pound Depth Bomb
Max Bomb Damage: 4900
aadefence Anti Aircraft Defence

Anti Aircraft Defence

Long Range:
10 × 2 127 mm/54 Mk.16 on a Mk.41 mount:
Firing range:  6.0 km
Hit Probability:  75 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  175
Continuous Damage: 439
Damage Caused by Shell Explosions:  1680
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:  8
Action zone:  3.5 - 6.0 km
Mid Range:
16 × 2 76.2 mm/50 Mk.22 on a Mk.33 mount:
Firing range:  4,0 km
Hit Probability:  75 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  529
Short Range:
16 × 2 20 mm Oerlikon on a Mk.24 mount:
Firing range:  2.0 km
Hit Probability:  70 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  186


Maximum speed: 31.0 knots
Turning circle radius: 950 m
Rudder shift time: 18.6 s
Propulsion: 212,000 hp


Surface Detectability: 16.8 km
Air Detectability: 14.5 km
Detectability by enemy subs: 0-14.5 km
Detectability whilst firing in smoke: 16.8 km
consumables Available Consumables

Available Consumables

Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Action Time:  20 s
Reload Time: 80 s
Slot 2: Repair Party:
Charges: 4
Action Time: 28 s
Reload Time: 80 s
Regeneration per second: +481 hp/s
Slot 3: Fighter:
Charges: 3
Action Time: 90 s
Reload Time: 70 s
Radius: +3.0 km
Fighters: x4
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.

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