PTS 0.11.6 Round 3: Economic Bonuses Changes - New Features and More.


PTS 0.11.6 Round 3: Economic Bonuses Changes - New Features and More.

Update 0.11.6 brings British battlecruisers to Early Access; separates the visuals of ship exteriors from economic bonuses; enhances the models of the American Tier II–VI destroyers; and adds other new features!
Flip your mobile device to landscape for better viewing.
The new British battlecruisers will not be available on the Public Test server.
  • Balance changes made to Clausewitz, S-189, Dalarna, Huron, and Álvaro de Bazán. See our Development Blog for details.
  • Reduced time to mount combat signals in the Equipment tab.
  • Fixed lighting in the London port.
  • Fixed an error in the Fletcher model when using the Gold Bug permanent camouflage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to crash when changing AMD FSR 1.0 settings
  • Fixed several other issues. 
Combat Missions and Rewards
You can earn Community Tokens by progressing through combat missions on the Public Test Server. These Tokens can be exchanged for various rewards in the Armory, including rare permanent camouflages, containers, and other in-game items.
PTS 0.11.6 Download size 3.32GB > Time to download ~7 Minutes
PTS 0.11.6 Round 23 [UTC]

The rewards for activities on the Public Test Server may differ from those on the Live Server.
Missions and Rewards
1 2  
Earn 250 Base XP in a single battle playing Random or Co-op Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 100 Community Tokens
Earn 1,000 Base XP in Random or Co-op Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 200 Community Tokens
Obtain a Commander as your reward for participating in the Industry Titans event.
If you already obtained a Commander during Round 1 of the Public Test, you will need to choose a different team and obtain one more Commander to complete this mission.
Each Wargaming container drops 1 day of  Warships Premium Account, 3x  Papa Papa signals, and 3x  Juliet Charlie signals.
Reward on the Live Server: 1x Wargaming container
Complete a special group of combat missions in Random and Co-op Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 1,000 Community Tokens
Deal 700,000 damage to enemy ships in Random Battles, or ensure that 250,000 damage is dealt due to your spotting of enemies in Random Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 500 Community Tokens
Earn 70 "Set on fire," "Caused flooding," "Hits to citadel," or "Torpedo hits" ribbons in Co-op Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 450 Community Tokens
Earn 10 stars in Operations.
Reward on the Live Server: 250 Community Tokens

 If you're joining the Public Test for the first time since Update 0.11.5, you'll be awarded the following additional bonuses:
Starting Bonuses
  • The research prices for ships and ship modules will be substantially discounted.
  • Players will be able to reset Commander skills free of charge.
If you're joining the Public Test for the first time, then, starting with Update 0.11.5, the following bonuses will be additionally credited to your account:
  • At the start of the Public Test, every participant will have all researchable Tier VI, VIII, IX, and X ships, helmed by Commanders with 19 skill points, credited to their PT accounts.
  • 500,000,000  Credits; 30,000  Doubloons; 250,000  Coal, and  90  Days of Warships Premium Account.
  • 50 signals of all types (except for special signals) will also be added to your PT account.

How to Participate
All information on how to join the Public , Follow the instructions (Link)

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