PTS 0.11.4 Round 2: Updated Submarines - Arms Race - Faroe Islands Map and More.

PTS 0.11.4 Round 2: Updated Submarines - Arms Race - Faroe Islands Map and More

PTS 0.11.4 Round 2 WG are adding lots of new features including Arms Race in Random and Co-op Battles, improvements to the Minimap, and further updates to submarines.

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After analysing their combat effectiveness, WG are reducing the survivability of submarines in Update 0.11.4 with the following changes:

  • The damage radius of ship-dropped depth charges has been significantly increased: 450 to 800 m.
  • Increased the damage dealt by airstrike depth charges in the outermost part of their damage radius.
  • The minimum airstrike depth charge drop distance for battleships has been changed to 500 m, like cruisers.
New mechanics for displaying the source of enemy sonar pings

In the Public Test for Update 0.11.4, WG have tested a change to the sonar ping visual effect from enemy submarines: instead of displaying the ping itself in real time, an effect is played on the water surface near to where the ping was emitted.

The new effect was supposed to make it easier to find the source of the ping. If the submarine emitting the ping is undetected, the effect is displayed at a certain distance from the submarine in order to give the submarine a chance to avoid taking damage.

After the Public Test, WG received a lot of feedback about this new effect. Mainly:

  • The effect disappears too quickly and is difficult to notice.
  • The effect is often displayed too far from the submarine to determine its actual location.

Therefore, WG are introducing the following changes to this mechanic:

  • Increased the time the effect remains visible to 5 seconds.
  • The distance at which the ping from the emitting submarine is displayed has been halved.
Removal of the possibility to remain constantly between two depth states by quickly tapping the dive and surface buttons

In Update 0.11.4, WG removed the possibility of walking the line between two different depths while enjoying the benefits of both. The characteristics of periscope depth are now maintained between the depths of 0 and 15 m. The 15 m depth mark will be the border between periscope and maximum depth states. WG have also changed the possible depth limits for maximum depth to 30 m and 60 m.

Other submarine changes

WH Have made adjustments to the captain skills for submarines.

Other changes
  • The bonus for strengthening the current and maximum combat capability of aircraft carrier squadrons in the Arms Race has been increased from 10% to 17%.
  • The setting "Transmit exact position in the square" is now enabled for all players by default.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the selected prime time in Clan Battles was reset in some cases.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions of superships in the port.
  • Fixed a bug due to which an empty field appeared in the team list when activating voice chat.
  • Now, when the Enter key is pressed quickly in the "Exit Battle" dialog box, the player exits the battle, and the client closes in the "Exit Game" dialog box.
  • Fixed a bug due to which in some situations in battle it was impossible to use an airstrike.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to crash when opening dialog boxes.
  • Fixed bugs in the armor of  VIII U-190.
  • Fixed a bug due to which submarines displayed the wrong torpedo speed after picking up power-ups.
  • Fixed a bug with the missing horn on the "Japanese Castle" camouflage for VI Fusō.
  • Fixed a bug due to which ship names on the minimap could overwrite ship icons when minimap rotation was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with the position of the fort icon after the destruction of the ship.
  • Made balance changes to  VIII Chkalov, X Petropavlovsk, X Yueyang, X Des Moines and other ships.
Combat Missions and Rewards
By progressing through combat missions on the Public Test Server, you can earn Community Tokens.
The rewards for activities on the Public Test Server may differ from those on the Live Server.
PTS 0.11.4 Download size 775 MB > Time to download ~2 Minutes
PTS 0.11.4 Round 2 [UTC] (~7 Days)
PTS 0.11.4 Round 2 [UTC] Starts PTS 0.11.4 Round 2 [UTC] Ends
Countdown</a > Countdown</a >
Round    Missions and Rewards
1 2  
Earn 250 Base XP in a single battle in Random or Co-op Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 100 Community Tokens
Earn 1,000 Base XP in Random or Co-op Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 200 Community Tokens
Earn 8,000 Base XP in Random Battles.
Each Wargaming container drops 1 day of  Warships Premium Account, 3x  Papa Papa signals, and 3x  Juliet Charlie signals.
Reward on the Live Server: 1x Wargaming container
Earn 8,000 Base XP playing Tier X submarines in Random Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 1,000 Community Tokens
Fight five Random Battles playing Tier IX or X ships, or superships, and deal at least 50,000 damage in each battle.
Reward on the Live Server: 500 Community Tokens
Cause 700,000 damage to enemy ships or ensure that 250,000 damage is dealt due to your spotting of enemies in Random Battles.
Reward on the Live Server: 450 Community Tokens
Earn 500 Base XP playing Tier VI ships in Random Battles.
Reward on the Public Test Server: Tier VI submarines
Earn 500 Base XP playing Tier VI submarines in Random Battles.
Reward on the Public Test Server: Tier VIII submarines
Earn 750 Base XP playing Tier VIII submarines in Random Battles.
Reward on the Public Test Server: Tier X submarines

 If you're joining the Public Test for the first time since Update 0.11.3, you'll be awarded the following additional bonuses:
Starting Bonuses
  • The research prices for ships and ship modules will be substantially discounted.
  • Players will be able to reset Commander skills free of charge.
If you're joining the Public Test for the first time, then, starting with Update 0.11.3, the following bonuses will be additionally credited to your account:
  • At the start of the Public Test, every participant will have all researchable Tier VI, VIII, IX, and X ships, helmed by Commanders with 19 skill points, credited to their PT accounts.
  • 500,000,000  Credits; 30,000  Doubloons; 250,000  Coal, and  90  Days of Warships Premium Account.
  • 50 signals of all types (except for special signals) will also be added to your PT account.

How to Participate
All information on how to join the Public , Follow the instructions (Link)

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