0.11.2 Known Technical Issues and Bug Fixes

0.11.2 Known Technical Issues and Bug Fixes

WG would like to share a status update on their work to fix technical problems some players are facing.
Bug fixes
Long client loading times
After one of our more recent Updates, the time it takes for the game to fully boot up has increased noticeably. During Update 0.11.1, we released a hotfix that solved the issue for most players. As of now, we’ve observed a noteworthy increase in performance across the board. Regardless, we will continue working on improving this aspect going forward.
During the last month, the average startup loading time has decreased from 42.8 to 21 seconds.

Blue indicates the average time in seconds it takes for players to load into their port.

On the Public Test of Update 0.11.2, the average load-in time for 90% of players was brought down to 25 seconds from the 83 seconds experienced during the 0.11.1 Public Test.
Each column represents the time taken for a certain percentage of players to load into the port on start-up.

For example, 25 seconds in the “90%” column means that 90% of the times the port was loaded, it took 25 seconds or less.

Purple: load-in time on Public Test 0.11.1 (before fix)

Blue: load-in time on Public Test 0.11.2 (after fix)

Server tick rate issue

Due to the way data is exchanged between individual players’ computers and the game server, a bug occurred that ultimately lead to a decrease in the rate of fire of certain ships.

This bug can be reproduced on ships with guns that have a very fast reload speed, either when using the sequential fire mode or simply when constantly and repeatedly firing all guns as fast as they can reload. The higher the reload speed of the guns, the more noticeable the bug. The issue does not manifest, however, if a rapid-firing ship takes breaks between salvoes or if a ship has guns with a longer reload time.

In other words, if you play on ships with a rapid-fire main battery and fire continuously (by holding down the left mouse button or continuously tapping it), the rate of fire will appear to decelerate.
Detailed information about this issue can be found at our Player Support page.

Since this bug is directly related to a very complex and delicate aspect of the game — the game logic itself — correcting it will require significant changes to the game code and a comprehensive QA cycle, all of which takes time. For this reason, we divided our work into stages:

  • With the release of Update 0.11.2, we’ve changed the server’s firing check frequency when using the sequential fire mode from every two ticks to every tick. This will prevent fire rate deceleration when using this firing mode.
  • We’ve also prepared a preliminary solution for the issue as it manifests when continuously firing through repeated trigger tapping. However, testing and applying the fix is going to take more time, and you can expect it to go live with Update 0.11.3.

Known issues in Update 0.11.2

Removal of Infernal Camouflages

After the release of Update 0.11.2, many players received a notification that several Infernal camouflages had been removed from their accounts. This notification is not an error and appeared because camouflages that bear the same name were removed from Savage Battle event ships for technical reasons. Rest assured, all Infernal camouflages assigned to regular non-event ships remain on their owners’ accounts.

Inability to purchase the Type 15 Permanent Camouflage for battleship New York

At the moment, it is not possible to purchase the Type 15 Permanent camouflage for New York. This bug will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.

Inability to log in to the game through the game client

Some players encountered a bug that prevented them from logging in and entering the game directly by opening the client. We are working on a solution to this problem and will release a fix in a future update. To circumvent this issue, we recommend entering the game using the Wargaming Game Center.

Crashes when launching the game on unsupported graphics cards

Starting with Update 0.11.2, the game will not work with graphics cards that don’t support Shader Model 5.0. We officially stopped supporting these types of graphics cards 2 years ago, but until now the client could still be launched, albeit with serious visual artefacts.

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