Spring - Summer 2022 Brings British Battlecruisers, Convoy Mode, US DD Branch Remodelling, and Much More...

Spring - Summer 2022 Brings British Battlecruisers, Convoy Mode, US DD Branch Remodelling, and Much More...

WG have announced what possibly will be happening during the months of Spring and Summer - British Battlecruisers - Convoy returns - Special US Independence day celebrations, Remodelling of US Destroyers - Camouflage bonuses economy will soon be combined with camos of your choice.
Winter > Early Spring 2022
Spring > Summer 2022


What's your ideal evening? We say it's a slice of delicious pizza straight from the oven, a cup of hot cappuccino, and Early Access to Italian destroyers. They’re all packing Exhaust Smoke Generators, as well as distinctly Italian SAP shells coupled with HE rounds.

At the end of spring, we expect new forces to join the French fleet, too. The second branch of French cruisers will offer you exciting new gameplay experiences. Can't wait for the details? Keep an eye on the Development Blog.

If the Supership testing turns out to be a success and returns good results, then this spring we'll extend the existing ship branches by adding their own respective superships.

Submarine testing will resume. The fate of the new ship type will depend on the test results.

Game Events

We're bringing back the Rogue Wave event. Welcome back to the post-apocalyptic world! A land of scavengers who crawl the desolate ruins of a once-flourishing civilization which is now a war zone that’s home to the warships of those unfortunate enough to have survived the cataclysm. We're working on the ship visuals to make it easier for you to identify what faction the enemy in your sights belongs to.

A new mode called "Sea Battle"—a mini-activity in World of Warships, inspired by a classic game—offers a new way to obtain various rewards. The rules are simple—you'll play on a 2D ruled grid that holds each player's fleet of ships. Your mission is to seek and destroy enemy ships, and you'll earn various bonuses and rewards along the way.

The Arms Race mode, which is much liked by so many of you, will be reworked and enhanced in light of your feedback. It will emerge as another one of the possible Random Battle modes. You'll be able to boost your ship during the course of battle, and this will result in plenty of surprises and add greater gameplay diversity.

Wondering about the Dockyard? The activity focused on the phased construction of a warship is taking its rightful place on the Roadmap. You'll have a chance to lay down Pan-American battleship Atlântico and enjoy unique cinematic shots as it’s assembled before your eyes.


Training combat missions for new players. A chain of simple missions that will focus on different game mechanics consecutively. It will help new players get to grips with the basic knowledge of the game and take their first steps in it.

Changes to the Containers tab. Our new convenient and informative system of displaying and sorting your containers will enable you to better manage them and open exactly the type of containers you need.

New map. The visual appearance of the new map was inspired by your votes, and we're happy to finally add it to World of Warships!

Visual enhancements. Snow, ice, and sand on maps will become more realistic and spectacular; the ice build-up effect will appear on ships and be visible in battles on snow-covered maps; shadows on maps and ships will look more realistic; and we'll continue reworking maps and Ports with an aim to bring them up to HD quality.


Summer 2022

Plans Going Forward

WG strive for openness and mutual understanding with our players, and they would like to thank you for your attention to the game, constructive criticism, and positive feedback. And they hope you enjoy the fruits of our efforts!
Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published stated as Released on our WGB website.

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